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13 Cool and Creepy Horror Movie T-Shirts for Genre Superfans

Wear your twisted love proudly.

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  • Photo Credit: Jr Korpa / Unsplash

Is your t-shirt collection in need of a nightmarish upgrade? Are you in search of a twisted gift for your friendly neighborhood horror movie obsessive? We found the best horror movie t-shirts for the horror connoisseur in your life—even if that connoisseur is you. The wearables below run the genre gamut: some shirts pay homage to horror classics like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Nosferatu, while others feature unshakable images from modern nightmares of the silver screen. Throw on one of these creepy tees, and you're sure to inspire screams of delight wherever you go.  

Friday the 13th

horror movie shirts friday the 13th

If you’re missing the days of lakes, cabins, and late nights around the campfire with summer camp friends, this official Friday the 13th shirt will take you back to the best days of your life—or maybe the worst. We already know you want to buy it. Nothing can save you now.

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horror movie shirts halloween

Simple and spine-chilling, you can’t go wrong with a classic. And with this Halloween tee featuring the one and only Michael Myers, you’ll have everyone feeling watched wherever you go. 

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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Saw Ad

horror movie shirts texas chainsaw massacre fake saw ad

For a fun, fresh spin on the classic slasher film Texas Chain Saw Massacre, this fake chainsaw advertisement promoting Leatherface’s services will have anyone in need of a gardener running for the hills. We can’t deny it: Leatherface sure does know how to use a chainsaw effectively.

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horror movie shirts jaws poster

All horror movie shirts don’t have to be so dark and mysterious. After all, isn’t it so much scarier when some frights take place in broad daylight? With this Jaws poster shirt, choose from a variety of bright and bold colors to remind passersby that danger is always just below the surface.

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Pet Sematary

horror movie shirts pet sematary original film

Pet Sematary recently got a terrifying remake, but horror buffs know the original 1989 film just cannot be beaten. Featuring the Pet Sematary poster and the iconic original Church, Stephen King fans know all too well that some things should stay dead.

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horror movie shirts nosferatu

Calling all classic horror movie fans. If you love all things vampire, you can’t go wrong with this Nosferatu shirt. The original of the original vampires, Count Orlok's menacing visage will always make our blood run cold. 

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horror movie shirts carrie

No one does bloody like Stephen King. And if you’re a die-hard fan of arguably his bloodiest work ever, this Carrie silhouette tee featuring the telekinetic protagonist drenched in blood is a must-have. We promise no one will laugh at you for wearing it.

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Nightmare on Elm Street

horror movie shirts freddy krueger nightmare on elm street

You can choose the way this t-shirt fits, but you can’t choose your dreams. When you’re wearing this Nightmare on Elm Street shirt bearing Freddy Krueger’s maniacal face, you’ll be sleeping with one eye open. If you can sleep at all.

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horror movie shirts chucky

Most dolls may be child’s plaything, but Chucky is no normal toy. Arguably the most terrifying doll of them all, Chucky's menacing face glares out from behind his chilling catchphrase from Child's Play: Hi, I'm Chucky! Wanna Play? Be careful during game night with this one around.

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The Exorcist

horror movie shirts the exorcist

The Exorcist has a lot of iconic imagery. And if you’re looking to pay homage to even a slice of it, this shirt featuring the poster from the original The Exorcist will have everyone glancing back over their shoulder when they pass you.

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The Silence of the Lambs

horror movie shirts silence of the lambs hannibal poster

If you were already terrified of the classic The Silence of the Lambs poster and that eerie, milky white skin, this t-shirt featuring the poster of Hannibal Lecter himself bathed in a creepy red glow will scare you even more. Don’t forget the fava beans with dinner tonight.

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Pennywise Wants to Play

horror movie shirts pennywise it

Few horror movie images are as unsettling as that of Pennywise from IT peering out from the sewer. Now everyone's favorite Dancing Clown wants to play—but are you willing to?

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horror movie shirts poltergeist

We know what scares you.

Throw it all the way back to the 80s with this Poltergeist shirt featuring the original film’s poster. Rendered in black and white, you don’t need technicolor to be terrified of this haunting horror movie image.

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Feature photo: Jr Korpa / Unsplash