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His House is the Stunning and Heart-Pounding Horror Gem from 2020 Waiting for You on Netflix

The terrors of reality rival the evils of the supernatural in this gripping British film.

his house on netflix
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With such a wealth of horror movies available on streaming services right now, it’s no surprise that even fantastic, must-watch films go without the attention they deserve. The 2020 Sundance Film Festival horror/thriller hit His House is a prime example. Combining political terrors with visceral haunted house thrills, this film is definitely a hidden gem on  Netflix. Don't waste any more time—discover a new favorite!

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The movie follows refugees Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku), who flee South Sudan with their daughter, Nyagak. Though the couple escapes their war-torn country, their daughter—like many others—does not survive the treacherous journey. The Majurs settle down with a probational asylum in an English town outside of London, hoping for a better life. But all is not well. The house assigned to them is decrepit, harsh restrictions have been imposed upon them, and the locals harbor deeply racist attitudes.

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While Bol does everything he can to assimilate to the way of life in the UK, Rial clings desperately to the culture they left behind. But as the days pass in their shabby new home, the couple experiences strange and chilling phenomena, complete with visions of the deceased Nyagak and a mysterious man who disappears into the walls. A great evil has moved in alongside them. An entity which demands a grave debt be repaid.

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As the horrors of reality’s darkest truths play out parallel to the horrors of South Sudan’s folklore, a truly gripping movie unfolds on screen. Based on 119 reviews collected on Rotten Tomatoes, the film maintains a 100% approval rating. This was a debut feature film for writer and director Remi Weekes, who won Best Director at the British Independent Film Awards for his efforts.

Check out the His House teaser below. Then stream it exclusively on Netflix.