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5 Unbelievably Creepy Haunted Locations in Maryland to Terrify You

This historic state is rife with unsettled spirits.

haunted places in maryland point lookout lighthouse
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Amidst the state's beautiful waters, stunning landscapes, and historic landmarks—not to mention the delicious crab—there are countless ghosts wandering through Maryland. Baltimore is considered one of the most haunted cities in America, but there are spirits in all corners of the state! From unsettled spirits in their final resting place to a chilling century-old hotel, here are five of the most haunted places in Maryland!

St. Paul’s Cemetery (Chestertown, Maryland)

st. paul's cemetery
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It should come as no surprise that the historical St. Paul's Cemetery is haunted—after all, what better place for ghosts to linger than the land which houses the dead? But this cemetery is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in North America.

One common ghost in this locale is Tench Tilghman, a Revolutionary War officer. On dark nights, visitors might see his lantern shining as he crosses the bridge.

You may also find actress Tallulah Bankhead. Legend has it that if you press your ear to her gravestone, you can hear the crooning of her beautiful raspy voice. Over time, her grave has mysteriously amassed beads, empty vodka bottles, and other mementos.

There have otherwise been reports of  the church doors opening and closing on their own, as well as various disembodied voices and the sound of objects shifting.

Point Lookout Lighthouse (Scotland, Maryland)

point lookout lighthouse
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Point Lookout is no stranger to tragedy. The area once once regarded as a sort of summer resort, but as the Civil War approached, recreation fell to the wayside. The space was soon leased to serve as a hospital for Northern soldiers, but the grounds were quickly expanded to also serve as a large prisoner of war camp. At one time, the area was the grounds for a prisoner of war camp.

 In 1830, the lighthouse was completed. While it is no longer in use, the location has since seen its fair share of paranormal activity. In fact, so many supernatural experiences occurred here that it caught the attention of renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Hans Holzer. He and his team investigated the lighthouse and recorded roughly two dozen different spectral voices speaking in relatively clear sentences. Visitors may also experience sudden chills throughout the building, as well as odd smells.

It is believed that the ghost of Ann Davis, the wife of the first lighthouse keeper, lingers behind here. She can be found standing at the top of the stairs, in her white blouse and long blue skirt.

The most notable ghost of the lighthouse is a man in Civil War garb. He appears as a gaunt man with a sunken face, and he reeks of mildew and gunpowder. It's said that he died trying to free himself from the Smallpox unit that once stood in the old hospital.

Baltimore County Almshouse (Cockeysville, Maryland)

baltimore county almshouse
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Baltimore County Almshouse opened in 1874, as a place to house the elderly, mentally ill, poverty-stricken, and children that could not be cared for by their guardians. Eventually, an addition was put in that housed prisoners as well.

There are all manner of claims of paranormal activity at the Almshouse. If you're standing outside, you may see the faces of children press to the window glass. Inside, the sound of children playing can be heard. If you venture up to the third floor, you might catch the conversation of women who have long since passed.

One of the ghosts believed to be in residence is that of Anthony Rose, a resident who died after taking a fall down an elevator shaft.

Fort McHenry (Baltimore, Maryland)

fort mchenry
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Fort McHenry was built in 1798, and is most notable for the role it played in the War of 1812, when it kept the British Navy away. It is also considered the birthplace of the American national anthem, as Francis Scott Key witnessed the legendary flag waving over the battlefield here. This fort also saw use during the Civil War as a prison camp for Confederate POWs. During the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918, it was also used as a hospital.

Considering the strife this place has seen, it seems obvious there would be no shortage of spirits lingering behind. Visitors have reported seeing specters roaming the grounds, hearing voices and footsteps, and areas with unnatural pockets of cold.

There are three especially notable ghosts at Fort McHenry. The first is that of Lieutenant Levi Claggett, who died when a British mortar landed on the bastion he was guarding. He actually died as a result of being crushed by a cannon which collapsed. He can be seen walking along the very bastion on which he died.

Private John Drew is also believed to still inhabit the fort. After falling asleep on duty, Drew was sent down to a prison cell as punishment. Ashamed of himself, he stole a gun from a guard and killed himself. It's said he splits his time between drowning in guilt in his cell and nervously pacing the area he fell asleep.

Lastly is the unnamed and incredibly hostile ghost of a woman appearing as a white figure. It's been reported that she pushes visitors down the stairs, and has even knocked some out on occasion. It has been speculated that she may be the wife of a noncommissioned officer at the fort, whose children died of the Spanish flu.

Lord Baltimore Hotel (Baltimore, Maryland)

lord baltimore hotel
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This hotel was opened back in 1928, and was, at the time, the largest hotel in Maryland. Still in operation today, there have been many reports of supernatural activity in the building. While some who are sensitive to paranormal energy have alleged they had nightmares while staying here, others say they could feel themselves being watched as they slept.

Guests who take the elevator or loitered too long in the lobby may feel a pair of hand pressing against their body. And, speaking of the elevator, it's been known to take visits to the 19th floor even if the button hasn't been pushed. Once on the 19th floor, guests may see the spirit of a young girl with a red ball and a long dress. Sometimes she's crying, so it's a good thing there are also the spirits of two adults on the floor. It's said these ghosts are from a married couple who killed themselves after the stock market crash, leaving behind their child.