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4 Free eBooks to Read in April 2024 for Horror, True Crime, and Paranormal Fans

Put a chill down your spine with these creepy ebooks—free, this month only.

creepy old books

Each year, our social media feeds are filled with news of the latest books in horror, true crime, and paranormal. So many chilling new books come out each year—and our TBRs are often stacked with delectable spooky books by the latest emerging authors. We truly are in a golden age of horror fiction.

But sometimes we're in the mood for something older—books that have stood the test of time. These are the classics that are the most disturbing. They’re strange and unnerving in uncanny ways—often calling us back to something old and ancient and unsettling.

Every month, we’re bringing you a selection of free ebooks to read that are perfect for lovers of all things spooky, mysterious, gruesome, strange, and macabre.

Again the Three Just Men

Again the Three Just Men

By Edgar Wallace

An honest man faces prison until the Four Just Men intervene, resorting to vigilante justice. Manfred and Gonsalez unravel a murder case involving a professor's death, exposing the real culprit and method.

Meanwhile, Gonsalez thwarts a mad scientist's plot to harm innocent creatures. Despite their scholarly pursuits, the trio remains dedicated to justice, carrying the memory of their fallen comrade.

Edgar Wallace showcases the timeless allure of mysteries solved and justice served in these gripping tales of retribution.

The Gentle Grafter

The Gentle Grafter

By O. Henry

In a captivating collection of crime tales, a reformed con artist celebrates the art of the scam.

Jeff Peters, an honest swindler, and his imaginative partner Andy Tucker, a seasoned grifter, navigate their way through schemes involving fake jewelry, fake deeds, and even the city of Pittsburgh.

As they target unsuspecting millionaires, they also grapple with the moral dilemmas of their deceptive trade.



By John Buchan

Major Richard Hannay, recently recovered from injuries, is summoned by Sir Walter Bullivant to investigate rumors of a Kaiser-led Muslim uprising.

Teaming up with a British soldier and an American spy, they infiltrate Germany and Constantinople, uncovering a conspiracy led by the captivating Hilda von Einem. In a gripping climax during the battle for Erzerum, they risk all to ensure England's survival.

Greenmantle not only advances the espionage genre but remains an electrifying adventure from start to finish.

The Yellow Claw

The Yellow Claw

By Sax Rohmer

Popular novelist Henry Leroux is interrupted during a late-night writing session by a distressed woman who dies before revealing why she sought him out, leaving Scotland Yard's Inspector Dunbar with a baffling case.

Delving into London's seedy underbelly, Dunbar pursues the enigmatic Mr. King, uncovering a plot to dismantle high society. He enlists the help of legendary detective Gaston Max to crack the case.