These Bewitching Folk Horror Books Will Haunt Your Dreams

Stay out of the woods...

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Buy The Corn Maiden at Amazon

The Corn Maiden

By Joyce Carol Oates

Buy The Devil's Laughter at Amazon

The Devil's Laughter

By William W. Johnstone

Buy Black Light at Amazon

Black Light

By Elizabeth Hand

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By Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Buy The Hidden People at Amazon

The Hidden People

By Allison Littlewood

Buy The Auctioneer at Amazon

The Auctioneer

By Joan Samson

Buy The Ritual at Amazon

The Ritual

By Adam Nevill

Buy Dark Harvest at Amazon

Dark Harvest

By Norman Partridge

Buy White Pines at Amazon

White Pines

By Gemma Amor

Buy Creeping Waves at Amazon

Creeping Waves

By Matthew M. Bartlett