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Everything We Know So Far About Final Destination 6

Death never stops...

final destination 6
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The Final Destination franchise originally began as a spec script for an episode of the X-Files. However, in 2000, New Line Cinema turned this concept into a feature-length supernatural horror film. In the movie, a group of teenagers cheats death by getting off an airplane before it explodes—but Death comes for those fated to die in increasingly gruesome ways. Several films followed the original, with the fifth film—a prequel to the original—hitting theaters back in 2011.

Now the franchise is seeing new life—and new death. A sixth film in the series is currently in development at New Line Cinema. While the project is still in its early days and very little information has been released thus far, there are some interesting tidbits to pick up on.

Filmmaker Jon Watts, the director of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which pulled in $1.5 billion, is currently attached to the project as a producer. Dianne McGunigle—Watts' wife and associate producer of the thriller short "Cop Car"—is also listed as a producer, along with longtime Final Destination producers Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor.

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The film's premise is based on a treatment by Watts himself, and the screenplay is set to be written by Lori Evan Taylor, a head writer on Wicked Wicked Games, and Guy Busick, the writer behind Ready or Not and Scream (2022).

Rather than opening in theaters, the film is set to premiere on HBO Max.

Stay tuned to The Lineup for more information on this project as it comes!