6 Terrifying Encounters with Black-Eyed Children

    These haunting tales of black-eyed children will make you think twice before answering your door.

    A mysterious knock at your door in the dead of night. An innocent-sounding request from an unfamiliar child. If the following eerie tales are any indication, encounters with the mysterious black-eyed children can begin relatively harmlessly—but end in horror.

    Since the early 90s, the so-called ‘black-eyed children’ have become a staple of paranormal legend. Some believe the children first entered public consciousness after reporter Brian Bethel wrote about two unsettling interactions he had in 1998 with children who had entirely black eyes. Nearly twenty years later, mysterious black-eyed kids have been featured in many a creepypasta.

    But what, or who, are the black-eyed children? Typically, these children range in age from early adolescence to late teens, and appeal to adults’ sympathy, often appearing on the side of a road or on a front doorstep asking for help. Some believe the children are extraterrestrials or vampires. Others believe them to be demons. Regardless, if you see a youngster with jet-black eyes, proceed with caution…

    Below are six of the most sinister stories out there of encounters with black-eyed children. Read on, so you can be prepared should they ever call on you in the dead of night. 

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