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Eight Bi+ Horror Authors to Add to Your Reading List Today

Broaden your horizons with some of the best writers in the genre.

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October is LGBTQ+ History Month, which means now is the perfect time to talk about bisexuality, in particular the striking disparities in bisexual health. According to the Human Rights Campaign, bisexual people are less likely to be out to the people in their lives, and they’re also more likely to suffer from depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and be the victims of domestic violence than heterosexuals, lesbians, and gay men. In addition, they’re more often diagnosed with everything from cancer to high cholesterol. Also, despite bi+ people making up the largest portion of the LGBTQ+ community, virtually no funds are allocated annually to research and interventions targeted specifically for bisexual people. This has extensive real-world effects on the mental and physical well-being of the bi+ community. 

For anyone wanting to help combat the negative stigma and health outcomes for bi+ people, remember that visibility and acceptance are key. So to celebrate their amazing work and lift up their voices, here are eight incredible bi+ authors who are writing some of the very best horror fiction today.

Sara Tantlinger

the devil's dreamland

The Devil's Dreamland

By Sara Tantlinger

Without a doubt, Sara Tantlinger is one of my favorite modern horror authors. She’s an accomplished poet and fiction writer, and among her many accomplishments are her Bram Stoker Award-winning collection The Devil’s Dreamland and her vulture-themed novella To Be Devoured. She’s also one of the top modern editors in the genre. Her latest anthology, Chromophobia, is garnering major praise, so pick up a copy right now and see what all the buzz is about.

Eric Raglin



By Eric Raglin

An editor, author, and podcaster, Eric Raglin’s work is consistently cutting-edge. His collection, Nightmare Yearnings, is creepy to the max, and his most recent anthology, Shredded, explores body horror through the lens of sports and fitness. Also, as the head of the Cursed Morsels Press and the Cursed Morsels Podcast, he’s certainly keeping busy, which means horror fans have plenty of opportunities to check out his fabulous work.

J.A.W. McCarthy

Sometime We're Cruel

Sometime We're Cruel

By J.A.W. McCarthy

J.A.W. McCarthy has been making a major name for herself as a purveyor of breathtaking and devastating short fiction. Her collection, Sometimes We’re Cruel, is a recent Shirley Jackson Award nominee, and it’s no wonder why: her striking prose and painful, haunting themes are unmatched. Keep an eye on everything that J.A.W. McCarthy writes; it’s clear that she’s just getting started. 

Wendy W. Wagner

The Secret Skin

The Secret Skin

By Wendy W. Wagner

If you know anything about horror fiction today, then Wendy N. Wagner needs no introduction. The editor extraordinaire at Nightmare Magazine who’s been responsible for shepherding the careers of numerous writers, Wendy is an absolute rock star as well as an unmatched horror author in her own right. The Secret Skin, her 2021 novella from Neon Hemlock Press, earned plenty of praise upon its release, as did her novel, The Deer Kings, from JournalStone, so either of those books are the perfect starting place if you’re new to Wendy’s fiction. Prepare to be creeped out and amazed. 

Sam Richard

Grief Rituals

Grief Rituals

By Sam Richard

The owner of Weirdpunk Books, Sam Richard has produced some of the top horror books of the last few years. But like several other bi+ names featured on this list, he’s not simply an editor; he’s also an accomplished fiction author. His collection, To Wallow in Ash and Other Sorrows, is a deeply moving meditation on grief, mourning, and horror. His next book, Grief Rituals, is described as a “spiritual sequel” to that collection, and it’s due out on October 25th. 

Christina Ladd

Moonflowers and Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror

Moonflowers and Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror

By Christina Ladd

Christina Ladd is a name to put on your radar immediately. Her recent short fiction has knocked it out of the park, and I have absolutely no doubt that this is just the beginning of a long, illustrious career in the genre. Find her latest short story in Moonflowers and Nightshade: An Anthology of Sapphic Horror, which also features Tiffany Morris and Avra Margariti, two other bi+ horror authors who definitely belong on your reading list. 

Nicole Givens Kurtz

Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters, and Other Phenomena

Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters, and Other Phenomena

By Edited by Donald Armfield and Maxwell I. Gold

With a constant roster of new books and new short fiction being published, Nicole Givens Kurtz is undoubtedly one of the hardest-working and most talented writers in science fiction and fantasy today. Her fiction is skillfully genre-blending, and she manages to imbue much of her work with a decidedly unique horror vibe. It’s highly recommended that you pick up her latest short story in the anthology, Hybrid: Misfits, Monsters, and Other Phenomena, and keep a lookout for what she’s writing next.

K.P. Kulski

Fairest Flesh

Fairest Flesh

By K.P. Kulski

Over the last few years, K.P. Kulski has been steadily building a name for herself as one of the most vital new voices in horror. Her debut novel, Fairest Flesh, was a riveting reimaging of Elizabeth Bathory, and the novel rightly earned her countless accolades. Her latest book, House of Pungsu, is already lighting up social media, so be sure to put everything that Kulski writes at the top of your TBR pile immediately. You won’t regret it.