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From Roller Rink Revenge to Vecna’s Vow: The Best Moments of Stranger Things 4

It's time for your suffering to end.

best moments of stranger things 4
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Stranger Things exploded into popularity when it first hit Netflix in 2016. With the premiere of its fourth season this summer, the show managed to redefine the meaning of "good TV." Full of shocking plot twists, tragic losses, tearful reunions, and hearty laughs, the season delivered on everything the audience wanted—and more.

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If you're spiraling through withdrawals now that the season is over, why not do yourself a favor and take a walk down memory lane? Here are eight of the best moments of Stranger Things 4.

El's roller rink revenge

Eleven—otherwise known as Jane—has certainly had her ups and downs over the course of the show's four seasons. A phenomenally gifted hero, she has saved Hawkins countless times. Left without her powers (and her father) at the end of season three, season four sees El brutally bullied by a girl at her new California school. But powers or not, El doesn't put up with being pushed around for long. Angela gets her bloody comeuppance, and while El's methods might have been a bit extreme, we were all cheering her on.

Robin's asylum speech

Robin found her way into our hearts in season three, bringing a fresh perspective and offbeat energy to the show. In season four, tension is stretched taut between Robin and Nancy, leading Steve's old flame to underestimate the newcomer. But while Robin may have a different approach to things, she certainly gets results. Her rousing (and beautifully fictitious) speech at the Pennhurst Asylum leads them to a life-saving discovery—and proves just how vital her crazy methods are to the team.

Hopper and El's reunion

If you say this scene didn't make you cry, you're lying. The familial relationship between Hopper and El is one of the best parts of the show, made all the more moving by the personal traumas of their pasts. Brought together by terror and a mutual need for family, their bond—while tumultuous at times—is truly unbreakable. The love between them was felt even when they were kept apart, and when the end of season four saw them finally reunited, the emotion spilled over in waves.

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Argyle's pizza mastery

An amazing new addition this season, Argyle added some much-needed comedic relief to an incredibly dark and intense arc. A quintessential stoner pizza delivery boy, his wisdom knows no bounds. And while Jonathan, Will, Mike, and El rush to prepare the scene for a psychic battle with Vecna, Argyle keeps his priorities in order. After all, how are you supposed to save the world on an empty stomach?

Max running up that hill

Max is a firecracker of a character who became many viewers' instant favorite the second she appeared on screen in season two. With a sharp, sarcastic wit and a no-nonsense attitude, she's one of the most formidable members of the Hawkins crew. However, weighed down by grief and trauma, she becomes the ideal victim for Vecna's killing spree. With the help of her friends, she puts up one hell of a fight, creating one of the series' most iconic moments.

Hopper and Joyce making up for lost time

Romantic tension has been brewing between Joyce and Hopper since season one. Their will-they-won't they plotline has caused more anxiety than the otherworldly threat of death. With every passing season, it has sometimes felt like their love story moves further and further away from ever coming to fruition. But after a hard-won battle, these two finally got a taste of what they'd been missing.

The truth behind the orderly

In one of the best moments in television history, several plot hooks artfully converged into one character with the incredible reveal of the truth behind the Hawkins' lab orderly. While it was fairly transparent that this deceitfully friendly face was really One, when El restored access to his powers, we quickly learned he was not only a grown-up Henry Creel, but the man who would become Vecna. These nuanced, deep layers of character building make him a truly terrifying villain—made all the more disturbing by the unbelievable performance of Jamie Campbell Bower.

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Everything Eddie Munson

Would this list even have any credibility at all if it didn't end with Eddie Munson? Though his time with us was short-lived, he really embodied the heart and soul of the show. Fun, charismatic, and brave when it mattered, Eddie is the Dungeon Master we all wish we had. While every moment he was on screen was incredible, none were as legendary as his guitar solo in the Upside Down.