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Everything We Know About Ryan Murphy's New AHS Spinoff, American Horror Stories

The FX show will feature some familiar faces over 16 standalone episodes.

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Ryan Murphy is kicking off the 2020 holiday season by doling out creepy gifts—gifts of information regarding new projects set within his American Horror Story universe, that is! 

On November 11th, Murphy revealed the official American Horror Story season 10 poster via his personal Instagram. Fans erupted with delight, speculating over the theme of the new season. The very next day, Murphy took to social once again, this time to drop the official poster for his brand-new AHS spinoff, American Horror Stories. The poster reveal included the following statement:

"It's the AHS spin off. We are doing 16 one hour stand alone episodes delving into horror myths, legends and lore...many of these episodes will feature AHS stars you know and love. More to follow..."

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How will American Horror Stories differ from American Horror Story? And who can we expect to see in the spinoff? Here's everything we know so far. 

How Will American Horror Stories Differ From American Horror Story?

When FX announced in May 2020 that it had given Ryan Murphy the go-ahead to create a spinoff series of his very popular American Horror Story series, and that the title of the spinoff would be American Horror Stories, fans were understandably perplexed. After all, the titles are quite similar. What would set them apart? As is his way, Murphy revealed news of the spinoff via his Instagram account, saying that American Horror Stories would break from AHS's established format. Stories will be comprised of sixteen self-contained one-hour episodes. Instead of multiple plot lines unfolding over a full season, the new spinoff series will tell sixteen distinct stories, each of which will begin and end within an episode. 

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Murphy conducted a Zoom call with a handful of past and present AHS cast members on the day of the show's announcement, revealing that some familiar faces will pop up in the spinoff. 

Who Is in American Horror Stories?

No official cast roster has been released yet for American Horror Stories. That said, if we can be allowed to pull hope from Murphy's tweet, which teased that we should expect to see the faces of AHS stars we "know and love", Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, and Frances Conroy may (fingers crossed) be in the mix. 

What's the Theme of American Horror Stories?

Along with the reveal of the official poster for American Horror Stories, Murphy made sure to point out that the new spinoff will delve into "horror myths, legends and lore." True to the form of the past nine available seasons of American Horror Story, it looks like the spinoff will also live within Murphy's dark and twisted shared universe. That said, the stories told won't unfold across multiple episodes, as in AHS

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When Is the Release Date for American Horror Stories?

As of the time of this post, no release date has been set for American Horror Stories. Seeing as though the filming of AHS10 was shut down due to COVID-19 and only recently picked back up, we can assume that Murphy will first wrap up production on season 10 before he puts his cast members to work again on the spinoff. We likely won't see American Horror Stories debut on FX until mid-to-late 2021. Nevertheless, we have plenty of Ryan Murphy projects to look forward to! Stay tuned as we update this post with new info about American Horror Stories as it comes in. 

Featured still from "American Horror Stories" via FX.