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The 10 Scariest Tunnels in the World

The famous haunted Sensabaugh Tunnel is just one of many with sinister histories.

scary tunnel
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  • Photo Credit: zaigee / Flickr (CC)

1. Moonville Tunnel, Moonville, Ohio

haunted tunnels moonville
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  • Photo: Moo Kitty / Flickr (CC)

2. Sensabaugh Tunnel, Church Hill, Tennessee

haunted tunnels sensabaugh

3. Twin Tunnels, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

downingtown tunnels

4. The Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

haunted tunnels screaming

5. Blue Ghost Tunnel, Ontario, Canada

haunted tunnels merritton
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  • Photo: Wikimedia Commons

6. Hoosac Tunnel, Western Massachusetts

haunted tunnels hoosac

7. Church Hill Tunnel, Richmond, Virginia

haunted tunnels churchhill
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  • Photo: Wikipedia

8. Gold Camp Road Tunnels, Colorado Springs, Colorado

scary tunnel
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

9. Shanghai Tunnels, Portland, Oregon

scary tunnel
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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

10. Big Bull Tunnel, Wise County, Virginia

haunted tunnels big bull