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7 Creepy Videos That Claim to Be Proof of Ghosts

Don't believe in ghosts? These spooky clips might make you a believer.

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  • Photo Credit: Jrwooley6 / Flickr (CC)

Most ghosts are notoriously camera-shy. But a few ghost-chasers claim that through luck or hard work they managed to catch supernatural phenomena on video. You be the judge: Is this proof of ghosts or simply a trick of the eye?

1. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

The Paranormal Anomaly Search Team went to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, one of the most haunted graveyards in America, to find evidence of paranormal activity. Over multiple visits, the team captured a number of images of what appeared to be a female figure. The spectral entity, known as the “white madonna” or "lady in white", is a well-known otherworldly resident of Bachelor's Grove, with sightings tracing back to the 1990s. She is said to wander the cemetery carrying her infant. This is far from the only eerie story about Bachelor’s Grove…

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2. The Gas Station Security Tape

This strange tape shows an unexplainable blue entity moving about a gas station security camera recording. The recording went viral upon its release, attracting local reporters to investigate the weird phenomena. This eerie footage was caught in Parma, Ohio in late 2007.

3. The Fallen Angel of Catalonia

In a small town in Catalonia, Spain, a group of men happened upon a strange figure. Although exactly what it was remains unclear (the discoverers believed it may have been a fallen angel), the creature is certainly an unsettling sight. 

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4. The Barton Mansion

The Barton Mansion is one of California's most notorious paranormal hotspots. It was built in the 1860s and has a rather strange history, including time as a sanatorium. One local rumor states that in the 1990s Satanists made the mansion their homebase, while another suggests that the land served as an Indian burial ground. In 2001, a group of teens decided to explore the mansion. This video, a clip from their exploration, shows the creepy climax—when the group encounters a terrifying, gray figure. Like any sane person, they immediately run away.

5. Ghosts of Gettysburg

The fields of Gettysburg played host to the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. With an estimated 51,000 casualties total—approximately 7,000 killed, another 33,000 wounded, and another 10,700 missing or captured—it’s not hard to believe that some of the battle's victims might still be hanging around. In this video, a pair of men camp out by a cannon. Soon, a figure appears nearby ...

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6. Ghosts of St. Augustine

This Florida city is known as one of the most haunted in the United States. A number of St. Augustine locations are said to be haunted, from the Old Jail to a former military hospital. This video takes us inside the González–Alvarez House, one of the oldest houses in America, where a shadow figure can be seen walking through the room.

7. The Vatican Ghost

Similar to the battlefields of Gettysburg, it’s not surprising that the Vatican, which dates back to the fourth century, may have some ghosts hanging around. This video shows a strange, orange human-like creature floating above a crowd in the basilica. The man who captured the image seems to believe that it may have been the spirit of one of the Catholic Church’s saints, or even Jesus himself. 

Featured photo: Jrwooley6 / Flickr (CC)