6 Scary Serial Killers Who Were Never Caught and May Still Be on the Loose 

Not all killers get caught. These serial murderers may still walk among us.


They’re the nameless, faceless killers, living their lives just like the rest of us. Most of these crimes are no longer being investigated by authorities, but people are still calling in claiming to have spotted one of these infamous killers on the loose. The cases are cold, but the hunt is on for these vicious killers, and the question remains: Where are they now?

1. The Interstate 70 Killer

I-70 serial killers still on the loose
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Along the I-70 corridor between Indiana and Kansas, a string of murders shocked the community. Six store clerks – five young, slight, brown-haired women, one man wearing his brown hair hair in a ponytail – at speciality stores, frequently robbed of a few hundred dollars, were killed. Two other victims survived and were able to give a description of the killer to police. 

The weapon used was a .22-caliber pistol. This, coupled with the relatively confined location of the shootings and the trends in the physical appearance of the victims, is what made investigators think they were dealing with an individual rather than multiple killers. 

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The authorities from the Midwest tried unsuccessfully to link these murders with a spree of shootings that happened in Texas in 1994. However, Texas authorities were not convinced because of the difference in weapons used to commit the crimes. 

If the killer is still alive, he would be in his late forties or early fifties - a white man with blond or reddish hair, standing at 5’7” to 5’9”. Police were never able to identify any suspects, and the case has since gone cold. 

2. The Connecticut River Valley Killer

serial killer still on the loose
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In the 1980s, three young women went missing. The remains of two of the women were found in a forested area in Kelleyville, New Hampshire. Because deterioration had set in, determining the cause of death proved difficult. After a thorough examination, it was ruled that they died by multiple stab wounds.

Ten days later, the body of the third missing woman was recovered, and once again, an autopsy revealed evidence of stab wounds. In the midst of this terror, a 36-year-old woman was stabbed to death in her home. At this point, authorities reasoned they were dealing with the same killer, a New Hampshire based serial killer. 

The attacks only stopped after the killer stabbed and failed to kill Jane Boroski. During her recovery, she was able to provide a description of the attacker allowing authorities to craft a composite. But when the following investigation turned up nothing, the police called the case cold. 

3. Route 29 Stalker

route 29 stalker serial killer still on the loose
  • Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries

Since 1996, a strange string of disappearances have occurred along the Route 29 Corridor in Virginia. Between 2009 and 2014 alone, five young women have gone missing and later turned up dead. 

Because of the condensed time frame that the cases took place in, the small area in which they occurred, and the age and gender of the victims, authorities began wondering if the cases were linked. It couldn’t be just a coincidence, though the cases were never investigated as a whole. Instead, each one was looked into individually. 

A handful of people have been offered up as suspects for the Route 29 stalker. Darrel Rice was arrested, but not convicted, for the murder of the first victim and is still widely believed to be the killer of all the women.

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Next, a man was charged with the disappearance of Alexis Tiara Murphy, who vanished in 2013. Many people tried to connect him with the Route 29 Stalker, but he was in prison when a handful of the victims were killed. Finally, Jesse Matthew, arrested for the murder of Hannah Graham, has been linked by his DNA to show he had contact with another victim that night thus making him a prime suspect.

After much back and forth between victims, their connections and the potential killers, authorities turned up with nothing to succinctly connect all the deaths. The case and the killer of the remaining victims remains a mystery.

4. The Original Night Stalker

original night stalker serial killer still on the loose
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Also known as the “Golden State Killer”, The Original Night Stalker was a serial killer and rapist who rampaged through Northern California during the mid-1970s. It’s believed that the same person murdered 12 people in Southern California between 1970 and 1986. 

In 2001, the rape cases east of Sacramento were linked by DNA to the murder cases in Southern California. During a lengthy investigation, a handful of men were suspected but never convicted for lack of evidence. It would not be until 1996 when DNA testing became a viable method of convicting a perpetrator that these cases would be linked. 

There are simply too many gaps between the cases to narrow down a guilty party, but there are just as many connections, making this one of the most troubling and unsettling cases of a serial killer on the loose. 

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5. The Long Island Serial Killer

This unidentified serial killer is thought to have murdered 10 to 16 people. Each victim was in some way associated with prostitution. Their bodies were dumped along the Ocean Parkway near the Long Island, New York towns of Gilgo and Oak Beach. The killings and the dumping of each body took place over a span of 20 years. 

Bodies began turning up in December 2010 when the remains of 4 victims were found. Shortly after, six more sets of remains, left on the beach as early as 1996, were discovered. An investigation involving the New York State Police ensued, including a $25,000 reward offer for information. There was much media speculation as to the identity of the killer. He is most likely a white male in his mid-20s to mid-40s, familiar with the south shore of Long Island. He must have had easy access to the burlap sacks that he stored the bodies in and a relatively strong knowledge of law enforcement, which would have allowed him to evade capture all these years. 

While no more bodies have turned up in recent years, the Long Island Serial Killer is still out there. 

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6. The Daytona Beach Killer

Between December 2005 and December 2007, four bodies turned up in Daytona Beach in Florida. The victims were four women – all killed by gunfire and believed to be working as sex workers in the Daytona Beach area. Police believed the victims voluntarily accompanied the killer in a vehicle before they were murdered. Their bodies were dumped without any effort to conceal them. 

The Daytona police used DNA testing to try to locate the killer after determining that the deaths of these women was linked. It was little use. Today, tips continue to trickle in. People claim to have spotted the killer or say they can identify him. The few times police have looked into these claims they have led to dead ends. Until more solid information can be found, the Daytona Beach killer remains on the loose.

Photos: Wikimedia Commons; Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

Published on 27 Dec 2017