23 Parents Describe Their Kids’ Creepy Imaginary Friends

Forget runny noses or messy diapers—the real nightmare of parenting is a spine-chilling encounter with your child's creepy imaginary friend.


1. A creepy imaginary friend without a face

2. Is this imaginary friend a ghost? 

3. Little girl ghost—or imaginary friend?

4. This toy rabbit might be stuffed with nightmares...

5. The untimely demise of an imaginary friend under a coffee table

6. The imaginary boy in the tree

The bunny man holding a goat

7. The creepy bunny man

8. Shaggy—a creepy friend in the fridge

9. This scary imaginary friend gave a chilling command

10. Dark angels

11. The strange man in the bedroom

12. Messages from a deceased grandmother

Creepy clown in a child's bedroom

13. This person called their imaginary friend 'Spooky Guy'

14. This creepy imaginary friend had a spooky message

15. "It is the punishment"

16. This imaginary friend may have saved a life

17. Scary imaginary friend in a corner

18. These imaginary friends were both dead

19. The imaginary policewoman friend

Creepy hands reaching out of a closet at night

20. A strange imaginary friend from The Titanic

21. Emily, the creepy imaginary friend in the closet

22. This imaginary friend floated above my brother's bed at night

Creepy face in the woods

23. This imaginary friend gave a chilling warning