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5 Real-Life Ghost Stories That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

Was it all in your head?

real-life ghost stories
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  • Photo Credit: Amanda / Flickr (CC)

Whether or not you consider yourself a true believer in the paranormal, chances are you’ve experienced something that couldn’t be explained by anything but paranormal activity. You probably told yourself there’s no way it could have been real. Well, we’re here to tell you it could have easily been. Here are five Reddit users who shared their haunting encounters with the paranormal.

1. Was It All in Her Head?

ghost stories
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  • Photo Credit: Jon_Callow_Images / Flickr (CC)

At about 3:00 A.M., Reddit user InaNutshell210 woke from a dream in a room of complete darkness. But it was not this that made it moment unsettling. Rather, it was the shadow figure standing in the doorway watching them. They sat up, flipped on the lights, and it was gone. Just like that. Could they have been caught in a sleepy haze and imagined the figure? Or had there really been something standing in the doorway?

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2. Evidence of a Haunted Orb Caught on Camera

Liam had never been a believer in the paranormal. Now that he’s older, though, things have changed. In the home he currently lives in, he has experienced a handful of strange happenings.

One night as he was drifting off to sleep, he saw a girl standing in the corner of his room. She wore a white hospital gown and had shoulder-length curly blonde hair and blood all over her face. As if this wasn’t already creepy enough, she was grinning. He closed his eyes, believing it to be some kind of illusion in his current state so close to sleep, but when he opened his eyes, the girl was on his bed. Then suddenly she was gone.

Shaken, Liam tried to forget the experience, but he couldn’t for long. Objects fall from his mother’s bookcase for no apparent reason, his cat stares into thin air and at night he swears he can hear someone tapping from inside the walls. He notes this next part of the story to be the most important. While re-watching a YouTube video he made (above), Liam spotted an orb traveling behind him and up the door.

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3. A Cry for Help

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  • Photo Credit: Jeff / Flickr (CC)

When Reddit user jay227ify woke after an average night of sleep, there was nothing particularly unusual happening. They began to doze off again, on their side, facing the wall. Then, they heard scratching and was overcome by an uncontainable sense of dread, panic, anxiety and fear. A tingling sensation covered their body and goosebumps rose. They tried to turn in bed but were frozen. Something in their gut said this was not a kind spirit. Even after the presence left, the strange, tingling sensation continued.

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4. A Childhood Recollection

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  • Photo Credit: Phil Gradwell / Flickr (CC)

When Reddit user Anonz55 was about nine years old, they were driving with their aunt and sitting in the passenger seat. They looked out the window and saw a ghost. It was entirely white with no outline, shape or color—just a dim, see-through blob that floated beside the car, speeding up and slowing down to match the car’s pace. It lingered for about five minutes before vanishing.

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They report being calm and uninterested. After a few minutes of staring, they looked away. This was the only time this user had experienced anything remotely paranormal and believes this is what ghosts look like in their natural form.

5. Ghost 

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  • Photo Credit: Chris Clogg / Flickr

When user 12drichardson was 14, they found themselves home alone, as their parents were out to dinner and their sister away. They’d just had some tea and needed to use the restroom. As they were in the bathroom, the door creaked open. This was strange because they had closed it tight. They closed the door again, taking extra care to make sure it was firmly locked in place. Then it opened again. They decided to open it completely, since they were the only one home after all. And that was when they saw a ghostly, pale figure standing just outside their parent’s room, in the dark, across the hall from the bathroom. The figure stared for a few seconds, then vanished into thin air.

Featured photo: Amanda / Flickr (CC); Additional photos: Jon_Callow_Images / Flickr (CC); Jeff / Flickr (CC); Phil Gradwell / Flickr (CC); Chris Clogg / Flickr