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The Worst Reviewed Horror Movies on Rotten Tomatoes

Critics and viewers agree... these movies are horrifyingly bad.

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While we love great horror films, some small part of us also loves to hate horror films that miss the mark– and no destination on the internet is more colorful in their criticism of these horror flops than Rotten Tomatoes. 

Home to all types of imaginative analogies, witty puns, and blunt analyses, Rotten Tomatoes is full of critics and viewers who rarely hold back. Happily exposing the worst horror movies out there, the site's reviews provide some hilarious entertainment. 

So get ready for some laughs and check out the movies below, which are some of the worst reviewed horror films on Rotten Tomatoes– and for good reason.

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Though the audience was more generous than the critics, Delirium was bashed by both. The film is based on the premise that a man goes missing after he enters a haunted house on a dare, only to be followed by his friends, who stumble upon all sorts of scary scenes when they begin to search for him. While the plot is familiar, The Los Angeles Times’ Noel Murray comments “the apparitions are cool. [But] the schmoes they're haunting hardly seem worth the effort.”


A doctor is plagued by nightmares while a demon parasite ravages her as she sleeps. However, the two pronged attack from the nightmares and parasites does not lead to double the excitement. Instead, Matt Donato from Dread Central writes Slumber is a tug-of-war between boogeyman haunter and psychological destroyer, neither side dealing anything more than serviceable nighttime blows."


Unearthing an old polaroid camera, a high school outcast finds that those she photographs subsequently and unexplainably die. However, the film falls devastatingly short, with William Bibbiani from Bloody Disgusting, writing it is “so underdeveloped you’ll want to shake it.”

Dark Tide

With Oscar winner Halle Berry playing the lead, it might not immediately be clear Dark Tide is a flop. But the Critical Consensus reads that “shallow and brackish, Dark Tide fails to rise,” while the Guardian's Peter Bradshaw goes even further to say “the sharks themselves are the only ones to emerge with credit from this.”

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Following a collision in which a meteor strikes their moonbase, a group of astronauts are exposed to alien spores. But many complain that the title, Stranded, was actually an apt description for how they felt watching the film, with Matt Zoller Seitz from RogerEbert.com explaining that “when the opening action sequence ends, you expect the film to back up or at least circle around eventually and tell us who these people are, and it never does.”

The Bone Snatcher

Set in South Africa, this creature feature follows a scientist who uncovers a monster that attacks victims throughout the desert. The main problem according to David Nusair from Reel Film Reviews is that the horror movie is “...shockingly non-horrific.”

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The Disappointments Room

You can probably already guess that the reviewers had their fun with this movie’s title. After moving to a country-side manor, a mother finds herself subject to mysterious and troubling visions. Then, she discovers a secret room in the house’s attic, and within it the haunting details of the prior occupants' history. Unfortunately, the tried and true haunted house plot was not enough to carry the movie, with the Critical Consensus deciding that The Disappointments Room lives down to its title with a thrill-free thriller that presumably left its stars filled with regret – and threatens to do the same for audiences.”

Butcher Boys

A group of friends are faced with some ghastly terrors when they encounter cannibals while celebrating during a night out together. The violence and gore did little to stop the movie from bleeding out, with Mae Abdulbaki from Punch Drunk Critics warning that “gruesome and atrocious, Butcher Boys is an awful film that you don't ever want to sink your teeth into.”

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Two friends find themselves being hunted down by a mad trucker in a road trip turn nightmare. However when the suspense and action climb, “time and again, the filmmaker cuts the money shot meant to theoretically cap a sequence,” leaving the movie underwhelming, at best, according to Chuck Bowen from Slant Magazine

Rest Stop

Centered on another duo of roadtrippers who caught the unwanted attention of a psychotic killer, Rest Stop was not received well. Really hoping the film would end, John J. Puccio from Movie Metropolis describes Rest Stop as “...another of those films where we just wish the madman would dispatch the leading lady as quickly as possible and be done with it, putting her and us out our misery.” Rest Stop doesn’t get much love from Filmcritic.com's Christopher Null either, who explains that the film is “absolutely riddled with plot holes, inconsistencies, and simple errors of logic.”

The Awakening

After disturbing the tomb of an Egyptian Queen, an archeologist’s daughter becomes possessed by her evil forces. Taking a “so bad it’s good” view on the film, Ken Hanke from Mountain Xpress writes The Awakening is “funnier than most comedies.”


When a group of friends take refuge in a house, they find they are trapped in the building and subject to the whims of a crazed killer who claims to have murdered God, in this horror movie set in the South. Although House combines a haunted house, insane killer, and twisted religion together, the resulting product with “the cluttered, unconvincing dialogue – not to mention Moseley's ongoing penchant for crazed overacting – make it more of a genre curiousity than anything the Fangoria gang would likely want to sit through,” according to Marc Savlov from the Austin Chronicle.

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Two on a Guillotine

To win the estate of her unhinged magician father, a daughter must sleep in his house. Giving any potential viewers a heads-up, New York Times critic Howard Thompson writes, Two on a Guillotine is “a dull, silly, tedious clinker– and about as hair-raising, be warned, as a jack-o'-lantern.”

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