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Unboxing Creepy Crate #2!

Our second box of terror has arrived—and we're slicing it open to see what's inside.

creepy crate

Creepy Crate #2 is live, and we could not be more excited to share it with our Creepy Crate family. Now that the box of terror has dropped, we're slicing it open to show you what's inside.


Creepy Crate #2 was inspired by bone-chilling artwork: eerie photographs, serial killer paintings, and even macabre writing utensils. Here's a closer look at each item!

1. "All My Friends are Creepy" T-shirt (Retail: $20)

We're big fans of Gianluca Sordi's unsettling photographs, and we used his snap of black-eyed children as the inspiration behind our short-sleeve tee. This is a limited-edition design that's available only to Creepy Crate subscribers. 

2. "Have a Killer Day" Travel Mug (Retail: $15)

Q: What's the second best thing to having an original John Wayne Gacy clown painting on your wall? A: This Creepy Crate-exclusive Pogo the Clown travel coffee mug inspired by the painting "Goodbye Pogo."

3. Coffee Shop of Horrors Coffee Beans (Retail: $2.60)

Our friends at Coffee Shop of Horrors provided 2-ounce bags of freshly roasted beans to brew and sip from our Pogo mug. Each crate contains one of the following blends: Mornings Are Evil, Nevermore, Witches Brew, and Burial Grounds.


4. "Female Killers Throughout History" Signature Series Button Collection (Retail: $6)

Creepy Crate's first set of limited-edition buttons features Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and Victorian killer Kate Webster. These "lady killers" turn your favorite jacket into a morbid work of art.

5. Turn-of-the-Century Spirit Photography Postcards ($5)

We transformed four of William Hope's most haunting spirit photographs into postcards—perfect for sending to your nearest and dearest from beyond the grave.

6. Femur Bone Pen (Retail: $2)

Yes, we tried to find "real" bone pens. But (unsurprisingly) it's difficult to source hundreds of tiny, pen-sized bones ... unless you dig up a mass grave. Instead, we found this realistic femur bone pen that's perfect for jotting a note on our ghastly postcards.

7. Evidence of Love by John Bloom & Jim Atkinson (Retail: $9.99)

This box's ebook download is a sensational true crime book about two desperate housewives and the killing that shocked a Texas community.

8. Screambox 1-Month Subscription (Retail: $4.99)

Our partners at horror-movie streaming service Screambox offered one-month free streaming for all Creepy Crate subscribers!

Golden Ticket: 1-Year Subscription to Hunt a Killer (Retail: $360)

The experience subscription box Hunt a Killer  provides their followers with monthly clues to track down a serial killer – and it's incredibly creepy in the best way possible. We're giving away a 1-year subscription to one lucky recipient of Creepy Crate #2 – both in July and August – so cross your fingers and unbox your Crate!

Total retail value: $65.58

Miss out on Creepy Crate #2? We still have a small group of boxes left. Order by July 8 to get your own Creepy Crate #2 shipped on July 15. Click the button below!