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WATCH: Unboxing Our Biggest Creepy Crate of the Year!

It's packed with more than $90 worth of horror and true crime collectibles.

creepy crate

We went big for Halloween. Packed with more than $90 worth of horror and true crime collectibles—and curated in partnership with mega-popular YouTube channel Top5s—you'll find yourself horrorstruck by our biggest, creepiest Creepy Crate of the year!

Scroll down to watch our live unboxing video and see the ghoulish delights that await. Then click SHOP NOW to get your hands on this spooky box—and use promo code TOP5S at checkout to score two free months of Thriller Magazine.

But act quick, horror fiend: The last day to order our biggest Creepy Crate of the year is 11/9/18!

1. H.H. Holmes "Murder Castle" Tee (Limited Edition)

Care to stay the night? This exclusive tee features notorious American serial killer H.H. Holmes, who lured an untold number of victims into his Murder Castle during the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. 

2. "Warmed Over" Death Tarot Card Mug (Limited Edition)

Rise and shine from your eternal slumber. Inspired by the Death Tarot card, this one-of-a-kind drinking vessel is the perfect companion for those chilly autumn mornings.

3. A New-Release Hardcover Horror Novel

This month, your crate contains one of two terrifying tales that will keep you reading well past the witching hour: 

Dracul, penned by Bram Stoker's great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker and J. D. Barker, is the prequel to the classic vampire novel Dracula. The chilling tale follows the original author Bram as he experiences supernatural experiences as a child that haunt him until he comes face to face with pure evil.

Devil's Day, the sophomore release by Andrew Michael Hurley, weaves a suspenseful tale of perturbing traditions in the English countryside. The folk-horror novel finds itself at the intersection of inexplicable events, human behavior, and demonic influence, and draws a conclusion that will leave readers unsettled.

4. "My Favorite Holiday Is Halloween" Tote Bag (Limited Edition)

Declare your devotion to the creepiest holiday of the year with this Halloween-inspired tote bag.

5. Stranger Things Library Bookmark (Limited Edition)

Need to tear yourself away from your new horror novel? Mark your spot with a Stranger Things-inspired library card or card catalog bookmark. The Hawkins Library-emblazoned cards were specially created to celebrate the upcoming book release of Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion.

6. Horror-Movie Inspired Keytag

We know that horror is the key to your heart. Carry your undying love of the genre wherever you go with one of 12 different horror-movie inspired keytags, ranging from Motel Hell to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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