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    Peer into the criminal mind with True Crime Magazine.

    Calling all true crime obsessives...

    Ever wondered what goes through the mind of a death row inmate? How about what turns someone from a parent to a killer? If uncovering the truth behind true crime’s biggest myths and murderers is something you enjoy, then you’ll love True Crime Magazine

    True Crime Magazine is devoted to investigating the criminal mind. The e-magazine publishes in-depth coverage of the chilling cases that haunt entire generations. 

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    Each issue is packed with exclusive articles, rare crime scene photos, and little-known facts about history’s most twisted criminals. Contributors include Michael Butterfield, a recognized Zodiac Killer expert, Dr. Bill Kimberlin, a professor of psychology and recognized death penalty and death row expert, and Dr. RJ Parker, an expert in criminal profiling and the author of 25 true crime books. 

    Readers also receive perks depending on their subscription level. Purchasers of the MEGA Bundle (regular price: $35.95) receive a one-year subscription to True Crime Magazine, unlock instant access to the first three issues, and score a copy of Behind the Tape, a recently released e-Photobook that features 1,000 unpublished true crime photos, as well as 2017 True Crime Hit, a fact-book that contains 500 rare true crime facts collected over nearly a year of research. 

    And the killer news keeps coming: True Crime Magazine is offering a limited-time discount to all readers of The Lineup. Subscribe now and receive $10 off of your subscription. Click HERE to learn more about the offer!

    True Crime Magazine

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