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13 of the Best Worst Horror Movies, According to Reddit

So bad, it’s funny.

people being attacked by birds
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  • Photo Credit: Severin Films

Quality horror films are great and all, but there's something to be said for the pure, unadulterated fun that can come from viewing a fantastically terrible B movie. B movies within the horror genre offer a moderate amount of fright along with heaps of laughs. Seriously, get a group of friends together and try to not laugh at a farting mummy, or a literally non-existent antagonist. 

We’ve taken to Reddit to put together a list of all the best worst horror movies ever put to film. What are you waiting for? Invite all of your friends over and enjoy a night of hilariously human-eating beds and murderous tomatoes.


turkeyman at table
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  • Photo Credit: Gravitas Ventures, Warner Bros. Pictures

During Thanksgiving break, an ancient possessed turkey entity is summoned prematurely from its grave. Among the land of the living once more, the homicidal turkey begins picking off college kids one by one.

“my go to for terribly good horror” - krakkitten

Jason X

angry man wearing metal face mask
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

It is 2455. A group of students visit the contaminated and abandoned planet Earth. There, they find a frozen uber-ghoul named Jason. They decide to take the humanoid onto their ship to aid in their research, but once he thaws out, the bloodshed begins.

“The scene with Jason in the holodeck was A++ comedy.” - PsychVol


sharks flying around statue of liberty
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  • Photo Credit: The Asylum

A freak tornado lifts sharks out of the ocean and deposits them right into the waterlogged streets of Los Angeles. The devastated city is in shambles and it's up to a few brave survivors to fight nature’s deadliest predator, which now rules sea, land and air.

“The entire Sharknado series is awful and funny.” - jakethegreat4

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

large tomatoes with evil faces
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  • Photo Credit: NAI Entertainment

Somehow, tomatoes have become sentient and they’re on a rampage. In a revolt against humanity, these oozing fruit attack and splatter their human victims, as we have been doing to them for years. It’s up to a group of scientists to band together and try to save the world from these mutated killer tomatoes.

“Laughably horrible” - MewlingRothbart 

 Birdemic: Shock and Terror

people being attacked by birds
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  • Photo Credit: Severin Films

A swarm of eagles and vultures descend upon the residents of a small town. No one knows where they came from, or why they’re attacking, but they’ve left countless dead. Now, it’s up to two surviving townsfolk to fight back against the bloody mayhem.

“So, so absurd, but I enjoyed the hell out of it.” - coheedcollapse


creepy hand reaching around door
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  • Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

During his childhood, Tim Jensen bore witness to his father’s fate at the hands of the Boogeyman. Since then, he’s been terrified of the monster in his closet, or under his bed, and everyone sort of thought he was mentally unwell. In an attempt to rid himself of the fear, Tim returns to his childhood home where he realizes the Boogeyman truly is real and is still wreaking havoc.

“just atrocious” - SmallFry25 

Boggy Creek 2:The Legend Continues

silhouette of parent and child creature running
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  • Photo Credit: Howco International Pictures

When reports of a Bigfoot-like creature flood the sheriff’s office of Southwest Arkansas, Dr. Brant Lockhart is called in to investigate the case. Three of his university students in tow, Lockhart must appease the creature and save the town when an old man captures its monstrous child.

“one of the most laughable, ill-advised, non-scary, poorly made, terribly acted, horribly directed and shot, incompetently told, glorious, brilliant, amazing pieces of garbage ever put to film” - HubertdeBurgh


2 evil fuzzy alien creatures on table
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  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

A band of hardened extraterrestrial criminals escape from a maximum-security prison asteroid and make their way to Earth. These fuzzy little creatures from outer space land on the Brown family farm and wreak absolute havoc. The two superhuman bounty hunters sent to wrangle the fur balls aren’t very effective, so the Browns are forced to defeat the malevolent critters on their own.

“qualifies as one of the best bad movies” - HTMntL

Don't Blink

creepy hand reaching out to 4 people
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  • Photo Credit: Vertical Entertainment

When ten people arrive at a remote mountain resort, they’re shocked to find it completely deserted. They’ve got no gas left for a return trip, so they’re forced to stay and end up entangled in the mysterious circumstances surrounding the abandoned lodge.

“Absurdly generic slasher/monster film where the antagonist of the film is literally nothing. Like, people might disappear when you're not looking at them kind of stuff. It's just an excuse to make one of these movies without any special effects and features set-pieces like someone bends down behind a table to pick something up and they never stand back up again. GASP Gone forever!” - Peanlocket

House of the Dead

4 stranded people
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  • Photo Credit: Artisan Entertainment

All these college kids want to do during spring break is party. So they charter a boat to a nearby island rave. However, when they get there, the island is almost completely deserted. The only company they’ll have is that of the army of flesh eating zombies that have taken over.

“House of the Dead is a shit show and its hilarious” - nolava2000

My Best Friend is a Vampire

teen boy in shades
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  • Photo Credit: Kings Road Entertainment

One evening, while delivering groceries, Jeremy Capello is seduced by a strange woman who gives him a love-bite he'll never forget. The next morning, Jeremy realizes that he’s turned into a blood-sucking vampire. Now he’s got to cope with the change and control his desire to feed on humans. He looks super cool in sunglasses though, so at least he's got that going for him. 

“Not very good, but for some reason I always watch it.” - AscendantGremlin 

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats 

woman lying on bed with blood running out her mouth
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  • Photo Credit: Cult Epics

Long ago, a failed seduction resulted in the demonic possession of a four-poster bed that consumes people. Since then, the possessed bed has been passed down through generations, and it’s been bringing tragedy to any lovers who dare to use it. 

“It takes itself completely seriously while the whole time being about a demonic bed.” - Dust_Wa 

13 Ghosts

Cyrus Zorba and his poverty-stricken family inherit an old mansion and they can’t believe their good luck. However, they soon learn that the mansion is haunted by spirits intent on killing a member of his family in order to extend their own. The Zorbas have a choice. Run for their lives, or brave the dark arts and malevolent spirits in order to find the large fortune hidden somewhere in the mansion.

“cheesy and lots of fun.” - Teamveks