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Delectable Doses of Dread: The Best of Stephen King's Chilling Short Fiction 

No matter the length of the story, Stephen King can still terrify us…

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Stephen King, maestro of horror and suspense, has given readers countless sleepless nights with his expansive novels. Yet, it's in his works of short fiction where he often distills his most potent themes, offering bite-sized, evocative tales that capture the breadth of human experience. Exploring King's short fiction is not just an immersion into the macabre and supernatural, but also a journey into an exploration of human nature, fears, and desires. Here is our list of the best of the best of King’s shorter tales, along with the collection in which you’ll find them.

Best Stories from Skeleton Crew by Stephen King


Skeleton Crew

By Stephen King

"Survivor Type": A once-renowned doctor gets marooned on an isolated island after a disastrous maritime incident. As desperation grows, he turns to unthinkable measures for sustenance. King daringly delves into the harrowing extremes of human survival instincts and the blurred lines of ethics.

"The Raft": College friends find themselves trapped atop a fragile raft on a secluded lake, with an eerie, oil-like creature menacingly lurking below. King's storytelling magnifies the tension of isolation, crafting a powerful allegory about life's relentless challenges and our transient existence.

"The Mist": A post-storm mist engulfs a Maine town, concealing monstrous creatures from another realm. As townsfolk seek shelter in a store, internal strife and mistrust escalate, proving that sometimes human conflict overshadows otherworldly threats.

Best Stories from The Night Shift by Stephen King

books for fans of scary stories to tell in the dark

Night Shift

By Stephen King

"The Mangler": A seemingly innocuous laundry machine becomes a murderous entity in a local laundromat. Delving into the horrors, a detective and his ally uncover a petrifying link between the machine and dreadful incidents. King employs everyday items to discuss unchecked technological advancements.

"Lawnmower Man": A homeowner's seemingly routine lawnmowing hire reveals a worker with a dark, unholy secret and a morbid way of maintaining lawns. King unravels the hidden, horrifying underbelly of suburban life.

"The Woman in the Room": A son battles with the heart-wrenching choice of easing his dying mother's pain. King's narrative poignantly navigates the intricate emotions tied to love, demise, and moral crossroads.

"Quitters, Inc.": Joining a unique anti-smoking program, a man discovers their eerie, perilous tactics for guaranteeing cessation. King humorously, yet darkly, comments on our society's fixation with instant solutions.

"The Ledge": A man's illicit love affair lands him in a terrifying dare: to walk around a skyscraper's narrow ledge. King spotlights the intense dread rooted in innate human fears.

"Children of the Corn": Travelers uncover an abandoned town governed by a child cult worshipping a dark force within their corn crops. Through this eerie tale, King delves into the perils of religious extremism.

"One for the Road": Following the unsettling events of 'Salem's Lot,’ a rescue mission unfolds in a vampire-infested town. This chilling sequel emphasizes the enduring nature of malevolence.

"The Boogeyman": In therapy, a grieving father details his belief that a closeted monster murdered his kids. King combines tangible horror with abstract notions of blame and parental anguish.

"The Last Rung on the Ladder": A letter reminisces about a fateful childhood incident, spotlighting its lasting impact. Moving away from horror, King delves into themes of nostalgia and the fleeting nature of relationships.

Best Story from Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King


Nightmares & Dreamscapes

By Stephen King

"The Moving Finger": Howard Mitla's ordinary bathroom becomes the setting for a surreal standoff with an inexplicably growing finger. King turns an everyday setting into a horror scene, blending dark comedy with the terror of the unexplained.

Best Stories from Different Seasons by Stephen King


Different Seasons

By Stephen King

"The Breathing Method": In a secretive club, a tale unfolds of a woman's unusual childbirth method during 1930s New York. King delves into the realm of the uncanny, using the backdrop of a storytelling club to blend the mundane with the mysterious.

"The Body": Four boys set out on a journey to find the body of a missing child, confronting their own fears and the passage of childhood along the way. A poignant coming-of-age story, King captures the fragile bridge between innocence and the realities of adulthood.

"Apt Pupil": A young boy discovers that his elderly neighbor is a former Nazi war criminal and becomes darkly obsessed, leading to a sinister bond between them. King examines the seductive allure of evil and how the sins of the past can reverberate into the present.

"Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption": Convicted for a crime he didn't commit, Andy Dufresne endures life in Shawshank prison, cultivating hope and plotting a remarkable escape. King offers a meditation on hope, friendship, and redemption within the bleak confines of incarceration.

Best Stories from The Bachman Books by Stephen King


The Bachman Books

By Stephen King

"The Long Walk": In a grim future, 100 boys engage in a fatal contest: an unending walk. Writing as Bachman, King critiques authoritarianism and societal bloodlust.

Best Story from Just After Sunset by Stephen King

best stephen king short stories

Just After Sunset

By Stephen King

"N": Through a psychiatrist's records, we learn of "N," a man ensnared by an ominous stone formation's pull, raising questions about the intersection of mental disorders and supernatural phenomena.

Best Stories from Everything's Eventual by Stephen King

best stephen king short stories

Everything's Eventual

By Stephen King

"The Road Virus Heads North": An author buys a haunting painting of a sinister figure in a car, only to realize the figure moves closer to his home each time he looks. King uses the medium of art to explore the inevitability of fate and the creeping dread of impending doom.

"Autopsy Room 4": A man wakes up paralyzed on an autopsy table, overhearing the examiners prepare to start the procedure. This tense, claustrophobic tale highlights the horror of helplessness and the dread of being trapped within one's own body.

"1408": A cynical author's skepticism is put to the test when he encounters inexplicable phenomena in a reputedly haunted hotel room. King plays with the concept of haunted spaces, questioning the line between reality and otherworldly influences while exposing the vulnerabilities of skepticism.

"All That You Love Will Be Carried Away": A traveling salesman finds solace in puzzling restroom scribbles. King highlights the human quest for purpose in the unlikeliest places.

Best Story from If It Bleeds by Stephen King


If It Bleeds

By Stephen King

"Rat": Drew Larson, a writer at his wit's end, strikes a troubling deal with a rat in his secluded cabin. King portrays the daunting pressures of artistic creation and the moral boundaries artists might breach for acclaim.

Featured photo:  Jimmy Ofisia / Unsplash