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4 Spring-Themed Horror Movies to Celebrate Beltane 

Nothing screams summer like death. 

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Spring is officially underway here in America, which means it’s the perfect time of year for sun-drenched horror films.

You know the ones. Lots of cheerful landscapes and pastel colors, all serving as the ideal backdrop for some serious blood splatter. 

So for your horror-loving pleasure, here are four creepy movies to help you celebrate from Beltane and beyond.

Just be sure to avoid any ritualistic sacrifices in wicker effigies along the way.  

April Fool’s Day 

Every horror fan knows there are a lot of slasher films out there. This is at times both a blessing and a curse. It’s amazing to have so many movies to choose from, but of course, not every slasher is created equal. That being said, April Fool’s Day is one that might not be on your radar, even though it should be. 

A group of college friends convene at the super fancy mansion of Muffy St. John, a rich girl practical joker who has set up a number of elaborate pranks around the estate.

Soon the festivities careen out of control, and each of the friends is meeting a seriously bloody fate. Although the basic premise might sound straightforward enough, there are a couple of fun twists along the way that help to set the film apart. 

I remember seeing this one for the first time as a teenager and absolutely loving it. Now granted, it’s been years since I’ve watched this one again, so it might not hold up as well as my adolescent self remembers.

Even so, it’s a film that’s most definitely stuck with me, so if you haven’t seen it yet (or lately), then add it to your streaming queue as soon as you can.  


At first glance, Carrie might not strike you as a spring-themed film. But here’s the thing: proms have traditionally only happened in America during the final few months of the school year, which means high school prom is most definitely a spring rite of passage. 

Since this is undoubtedly one of my favorite horror films of all time, let’s give Carrie some love. 

After all, there aren’t nearly enough antiheroines in horror, especially ones as instantly recognizable as our eponymous character in that infamous prom scene. In addition to some genuinely terrifying moments, the coming-of-age themes of the film delve into how thrilling and traumatic growing up really is.

The performances, including Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, Amy Irving, and William Katt, are truly memorable, earning both Spacek and Laurie Oscar nominations, a rarity even now for horror films. 

Arguably one of the greatest book-to-film adaptations of all time, Carrie holds up surprisingly well almost fifty years after its release, and it remains one of Brian De Palma’s masterpieces.

So get dressed up and head to your queue, so you can add Carrie. It’s always worth a re-watch.  

Tourist Trap

All right, so this one probably takes place in summer (the heat indexes are certainly high enough), but since it’s got the feel of spring break horror, let’s include it on the list; if for no other reason, this one deserves a lot more love than it usually gets.

A group of young kids head out on an impromptu road trip, only to find themselves broken down at a roadside attraction filled with bizarre animatronics. 

Taking direction from the earlier House of Wax, there’s something decidedly disturbing about this low-budget oft-overlooked film. Famed Western actor Chuck Connors plays against type as the purveyor of said roadside attraction, and things most certainly take some weird turns.

The scares are over-the-top, the set pieces are at once cheap and uncanny, and the unhinged ending, particularly the last shot, will stick with you in all its schlocky glory.

Definitely a film worth watching if you haven’t already, and a perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather.  

The Wicker Man

The humdinger of all spring horror films, The Wicker Man is a classic for a reason.

A pious policeman travels to a secluded island where a community of pagans prepares for their spring harvest ritual, despite the fact that a young girl from their witchy commune might be missing.

The officer insists on disturbing their ritual in any way he can, in a desperate plea to find and save the girl. 

However, this is a horror movie, so everything is not quite as it seems. The supporting cast is top-notch and includes Britt Ekland and Ingrid Pitt in notable roles. 

Plus, you can never get too many shots of Christopher Lee wearing Converse sneakers as the smarmy, culty leader Lord Summerisle. 

The Wicker Man is certainly not a movie that makes the pagans look like the good guys, but it’s a fun and disturbing romp nonetheless and one that’s absolutely ideal for springtime.