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Slender Man Is Coming for You in This Terrifying New Trailer

The internet's most sinister creepypasta transforms into a horror flick this May.

slender man movie trailer
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  • Photo Credit: Mythology Entertainment

Slender Man (also stylized as Slenderman) has long terrified readers around the web. The sinister character was one of the first from the spooky realm of creepypasta to go viral. And soon, Slender Man will emerge from the dark and creepy corners of the internet to haunt the silver screen.

Slender Man is scheduled to hit theaters this May, and the first trailer for the upcoming horror flick just dropped today. While the clip doesn’t reveal a great deal about the movie's plot, it is packed with chilling visuals and gory moments. Clearly, the filmmakers are well aware of the actual horrors committed in Slender Man’s name over the years.

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Slender Man appears to be stalking a high school, forcing teens to harm themselves and others as he spreads his “Slender sickness.” The flashes of gore offer a glimpse of the horror to come when the film premieres in May.

According to the official synopsis, the film follows four high school girls who conduct a ritual in an attempt to prove Slender Man is just a myth. Shockingly enough, things do not go according to plan. Joey King (The Conjuring, Wish Upon) leads the pack of teens. The trailer withholds a clear look at Slender Man himself, showing us instead a long and shadowy shape and allowing our minds to imagine the terror.

Be warned: If eye horror freaks you out, you may not want to watch the trailer.

That doesn’t deter you? Check out the first trailer below.

Slender Man is slated to hit theaters May 18, 2018.

Feature still from "Slender Man" via Mythology Entertainment