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WATCH: The Gory New Trailer for the Scream Reboot Is Out Now

The vicious masked killer is back—and his knife is already bloody.

Still shot of Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox in the new trailer of the Scream movie reboot, coming in January 2022.
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  • Photo Credit: Spyglass Media Group

One of horror’s most beloved final girls, Sydney—portrayed by Neve Campbell—is back, and she’s pissed. The trailer for the latest in the Scream franchise dropped today—and fans are indeed screaming. Joining Campbell to reprise their original roles are Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Fans new and old are wondering the same thing: Will our favorite final girl finally find the closure and peace she deserves?

The trailer reveals an opening scene featuring Jenna Ortega as Tara Carpenter—who avid thriller fans may recognize as Ellie from the TV show You on Netflix. In the all-too-familiar trope, the phone is ringing (never a good omen for a Scream character!). In a heart-pounding sequence, Tara realizes the phone call is coming from someone more sinister than a friend; when she opens the front door, she is stabbed—but she manages to get the door shut. Next, Tara uses an app on her phone to lock all the doors in the house, causing brief but fleeting relief—because in true slasher style, the locks immediately release, and our infamous masked killer enters the home.

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What follows from there is a spine-tingling sequence of clips, with original cast members joining a new crew of teenage targets to face (once again!) this masked menace. Sydney, armed with a gun, proclaims she won’t rest until the killer who has terrorized her entire life is finally—finally!—in the ground.

With a blend of new faces and familiar cast members, this latest in the popular horror franchise appears to offer something to old and new fans alike. The chills of nostalgia, the thrill of an old enemy, the terror of being the newest target—ready or not, Scream is coming for us all in January 2022.

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