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9 Extremely Scary Horror Movies You Need to See, According to Reddit

Even die-hard horror fans are creeped out by these freaky flicks. 

What better place than the depths of the internet to seek out the scariest horror movies that even die-hard fans are afraid to watch? Thanks to these threads and sub-threads, you don’t have to worry about your coworkers’ judging looks when you mention your love of utter freak-fests. The only thing you have to worry about is whether or not your picks are scary enough to make the cut of these extremely scary movies you need to see, according to Reddit

High Tension

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  • Photo Credit: Alexandre Films

A modern classic, the French film High Tension turns the slasher genre on its head. A serial killer is after Alex and will stop at nothing to have her. Halfway through the movie the identity of said killer is revealed, meaning the movie delivers on both the gore and the psychological drama. One Reddit user who saw the movie as a kid never forgot it: “I never knew a movie could show that level of violence. It absolutely wrecked me.” 

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: IFC Films

This movie “freaked the f—k out” of Reddit users and seasoned horror junkies. It seems as though Jane Doe has been brutally murdered, but her body shows little signs of torture. This father-son mortician team are about to embark on the most unsettling autopsy onscreen since Alien, as the questions about Jane Doe’s identity grow, so does the unrelenting terror. 

A Tale of Two Sisters

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: B.O.M. Film Productions Co.

“As long as you don’t mind reading subtitles,” as one Reddit user warns, K-horror’s finest is represented in A Tale of Two Sisters. (Stay away from the American remake, which “doesn’t hold a candle to the original.”) What begins as a typical evil Stepmother tale quickly takes on new life as two sisters are reunited after one’s stint in a mental institution. Though theirs is a happy reunion, the girls’ find that they’ve got bigger monsters to deal with than a new stepmom. 

The Descent

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: Celador Films

This British horror indie from 2003 is a permanent favorite of horror aficionados. A group of girlfriends get together to go spelunking and to distract one of them from the recent loss of both her husband and child in a car accident. (Sounds like a great idea, right?) “The claustrophobic parts of the film are more scary than the creatures in it,” one user relates. Another writes: “It’s genuinely one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen.” 

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The Wailing

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

This movie “f—ked up my life for a while,” one Reddit user warns. A series of brutal deaths under investigation in a rural village in South Korea seem to coincide with the arrival of a strange Japanese man. Users wrote that they too felt like they were “cursed” after seeing this movie. Another wrote, “fever dream is a great way to describe it.” 

Session 9

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: USA Films

A group of enterprising guys are charged with the demolition of a condemned lunatic asylum. Desperate for cash, they ignore the warnings from locals that the place is cursed. It’s not long before the men feel as though they need to be committed. “The film excels at being unnerving ...” one user wrote. Another said, “It’s my top recommendation for scary/non-slasher horror films.”

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  • Photo Credit: Gaumont

One of the strangest and most obscure horror movies ever made, Andrej Zulawski’s Possession is infamous for actress Isabelle Adjani’s intense, borderline insane performance. Her descent into madness as an adulterous wife is at once bone chilling and blood curdling. A walk home from the grocery store in the Berlin subway turns into a scene of total and utter horror that sticks with you for good. 

The Canal

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: The Orchard

This overlooked Irish horror movie is a fan favorite, making an appearance on Reddit over and over again as a controversial addition. A man named David believes his wife is having an affair. His anxiety is compounded by the discovery that a murder took place in his home, which he believes may be haunted. When his wife doesn’t come home, David must investigate the forces of evil at work. 

The Strangers

scariest horror movies
  • Photo Credit: Rogue Pictures

The random home invasion strikes terror into the heart of all people, and The Strangers milks that fear for all it's worth. Some claim this movie doesn’t scare them. Nice try. We don’t believe you. “I didn’t like being home alone for a long time after watching it,” one user reveals. Another’s post-Strangers trauma was more intense: “I spent the following month sprinting in the dark from my parked car on our driveway to my front door when returning home from work in paranoia.” 

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Featured still from "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" via IFC Films

Published on 11 Jul 2018

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