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Rillington Place Is the Thrilling True Crime Drama You Need to See

John Christie’s twisted case hits the small screen.

In 2016, Brits got the thrill of their lives with the premiere of Rillington Place, a three-part BBC  miniseries about English serial killer John "Reg" Christie. The show was a sensation in the U.K., but without a platform in the U.S., most Americans likely never saw it. That’s all about to change—you can now stream Rillington Place on Sundance Now.

Starring Tim Roth as John Christie, one of England’s most notorious murderers, Rillington Place takes a chilling look at Christie’s crimes and the victims he left in his wake. The fantastic performances at the center of this miniseries make it well-worth seeking out—Roth’s quietly menacing Christie, Samantha Morton’s doomed Ethel Christie, Nico Mirallegro’s Timothy Evans, and Jodie Comer’s Beryl Evans make up the cast; each offers a top-tier performance.

10 Rillington Place, located in the now-posh neighborhood of Notting Hill, is one of London’s most infamous addresses. It was here that Christie strangled multiple victims to death, hiding the bodies beneath floorboards or burying the remains in a backyard garden. The series excels at recreating Christie’s cramped and squalid lair. This is a place where evil resides. 

rillington place john christie samantha morton
  • Samantha Morton as Ethel Christie

  • Photo Credit: BBC Studios / Sundance Now

The first episode follows Ethel Christie’s point of view. It’s 1938, and John and Ethel have reunited after an extended separation. The episode reveals just how little Ethel knows about her husband’s monstrous side. Christie sneaks out of the house at night and spies on neighbors, leaving Ethel to wonder exactly what dark thoughts are running through her husband’s mind.

The second episode ratchets up the terror by focusing on Timothy Evans, his wife Beryl, and their infant daughter, Geraldine. The Evanses are new tenants of the upstairs unit at 10 Rillington Place. Not long after their arrival, Beryl and Geraldine are dead. 

Of course, it’s Christie who’s behind the bloodletting. But he has no interest in atoning for his crimes. Instead, he manages to frame Timothy Evans for the slayings. Watching Christie dupe Evans and manipulate the British justice system—the wrongfully accused was in fact hanged for murder in 1950—illustrates just how twisted Christie has become. 

rillington place john christie tim roth samantha morton
  • Tim Roth as serial killer John Christie

  • Photo Credit: BBC Studios / Sundance Now

In the final episode, the grisly truth about Christie is divulged. Through a series of flashbacks, the finale reveals with frightening detail the violence that lurks inside the killer. Roth’s performance in this final episode is as stunning as it is terrifying.

Rillington Place shines new light on the darkness of John Christie’s crimes. Backed by powerful performances and the outstanding production value of a BBC-produced series, Rillington Place is a must-watch affair. Now this thrilling crime drama is available exclusively on Sundance Now. 

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