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A Bunch of New Spine-Chilling Movies Are Coming to Shudder

The popular horror streaming service delivers a slew of shocking cinema.

new movies coming to shudder
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While Netflix and other streaming services offer new movies monthly, no other streaming service has a passionate focus on the gems of horror like Shudder. And over the next few months, Shudder is prepped and ready to deliver. Starting back on January 14th, the streaming platform set out to premiere 11 brand new exclusive and original movies over the course of 11 weeks. These films are vibrantly macabre and imaginatively disturbing, put into creation by some of the very best filmmakers in independent international cinema. From overhauled fairytales to tales of violent vengeance that may hit too close to home, these new movies may just be your new favorites.

Hunted—January 14th

We all know the fable of Little Red Riding Hood. This Shudder original twists the classic story into a modern and radically feminist fight for survival. Eve (Lucie Debay) is a woman having a fun night out at a bar, but flirtation turns deadly when she finds herself in the thick of a plot set in motion by a vicious predator (Arieh Worthalter) and his accomplice (Ciarán O'Brien). But she's not quite the easy mark they expected, and as she fights to make her escape, the forest is on her side. And she's not out merely to survive, but to seek vengeance.

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The Queen of Black Magic—January 28th

This terrifying film comes from the imagination of two of Indonesia's most talented minds in horror. A family embarks on a journey into rural Indonesia to pay a visit to the ailing director of the orphanage in which the patriarch grew up. But as more families arrive to visit the home of their youth, dark events wreak havoc upon them. The orphanage has a sinister history full of long buried secrets, and a tale of supernatural revenge is set to unfold.

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A Nightmare Wakes—February 4th

The creation of the terrifying novel Frankenstein—which gave way to the creation of the science fiction genre—is tale which intrigues and delights many who hear it. A Nightmare Wakes is inspired by the novel's conception, as well as the complicated love affair the brewed between author Mary Shelley and her husband Percy. In this film, as Mary (Alix Wilton Regan) progresses through her great work of horror, she gives birth to a monster.

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After Midnight—February 11th

It starts out as a simple tale of romantic tragedy. After ten years together, the love of Hank's (Jeremy Gardner) life, Abby (Brea Grant), has vanished. All that's left in her place is a note explaining her absence in a few cryptic lines. Hank falls apart without her, but that's not the worst of it. A terrifying creature slinks out of the tree line that edges his property. A creature that promises unstoppable horrors.

Shook—February 18th

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This movie is sure to excite fans of internet-savvy horror movies like Unfriended and game-of-death films like Escape Room. When Mia (Daisye Tutor)—a popular social media presence—falls victim to an online campaign of terror, it's up to her to keep those she loves safe by completing a series of puzzles. But at the end of the day, is her horrific burden real, or a mere trick to bring her to her knees?

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The Dark and the Wicked—February 25th

Isolated out on a farm, a man slips closer and closer to death. As siblings Louise (Marin Ireland) and Michael (Michael Abbot Jr) return home to ease the burden of their mother (Julie Oliver-Touchstone) during their father's final days, they quickly see something is amiss. Their mother is wrecked by sorrow, but there's something more there—something evil. The darkness grows and spreads amongst the others, plaguing them with waking nightmares as an entity of pure sinister intent consumes the family.

Lucky—March 4th

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This film coming in March was an official selection at the SXSW Film Festival. Brea Grant wrote and stars in this film, which follows a typical suburban self-help author who begins to suspect that she's being stalked nightly by a dangerous individual. With no one willing to offer her help, she takes matters into her own hands to regain control of her life.

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Stay Out of the F**cking Attic—March 11th

stay out of the f**cking attic
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A group of former cons (portrayed by Morgan Alexandria, Ryan Francis, and Bryce Fernelius) have turned their lives around to become movers. Their latest job? Packing up overnight for a creepy client. But creepy is just the tip of the iceberg when terrifying secrets come to light as the house is emptied. Will the rough around the edges group be able to survive what's waiting for them? 

Koko-Di, Koko-Da—March 18th

A couple in a deeply unhappy marriage try to overcome their problems by embarking on a camping trip. Rather than romance, the couple encounter a sideshow artist and his unsettling entourage in the woods. The couple is forced into a disturbing cycle of psychological terror and slapstick humiliation.

Slaxx—March 18th

Slaxx is an out-of-the-box horror comedy that follows the terrors of a possessed pair of pants. You heard me right. Pants. When the jeans arrive at a trendy flagship store, the staff members fall victim to a bloody slaughter. Only the store's idealistic new clerk, Libby (Romane Denis), can stop the violent (yet fashionable) rampage.

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Violation—March 25th

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This film is not for the faint of heart. Miriam (Madeleine Sims-Fewer) is a woman whose marriage is teetering on the brink of divorce. In search of comfort and support, she returns to her hometown after years away, reuniting with her younger sister, Greta (Anna Maguire). But one small lapse in judgment leads to the ultimate betrayal by her sister and brother-in-law. As Miriam begins to crack under the weight of her fury and devastation, she seeks out revenge at any cost. Yet as she unravels even further, the price may prove to be too high.

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Featured image of "After Midnight" via Shudder.