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My Best Friend's Exorcism is Subversive, Nostalgic, and Terrifying—And Now It's a Movie!

80s kids' favorite book is now on the big screen.

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It’s hard to pick a favorite Grady Hendrix book—they’re all just so darn good. But if I was forced to pick—say, I was possessed by a demon who wouldn’t leave my body till I chose—then I’d have to go with My Best Friend’s Exorcism. This book not only captured my heart—it made me laugh, cry, and sleep with the lights on—it also catapulted any Hendrix book to ever be released thereafter onto the top of my TBR pile for the rest of eternity.

This book was also one of the first horror books to really show me, not only what horror could do, but also what it could be. My Best Friend’s Exorcism has all the necessary ingredients for a compelling hit: 80s nostalgia, best friendship, teenage woes, chapters named after hit 80s songs, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial references, roller rinks, and bad acne. Being a teenager is hard enough—you almost don’t even need the demon possession. But that’s what sends this book over the edge into not only addictive, but memorable.

My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

Early to mid-adolescence is already such a tough transition—bodies change, relationships change, responsibilities change—and the future of adulthood looms with uncertainty. Add in a demon possession and really, what you’re doing is bringing those anxieties into sharp focus. When we’re teens, we ask: What are we transforming into? What is possessing us? So in this book, Grady Hendrix brings all that simmering insecurity, uncertainty, and fear up to the surface to concoct a boiling cauldron of fierce relatability.

scariest books of 2016

My Best Friend's Exorcism

By Grady Hendrix

scariest books of 2016

But what makes this book special is how Hendrix subverts all expectations for how a demon possession trope is “supposed” to go. We all know the trope drill by now: a person (often a young girl) becomes demon-possessed, a priest is called, holy water is used, vomit ensues, weird voices and body contortions commence. This isn’t to say that doesn’t happen in this book, but, well…for the few who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading this incredible book, I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say Hendrix looks those possession tropes right in the eyes—then turns them on their head. 

And now it's the moment us rabid Grady Hendrix fans have been waiting for! Come September 30th (that's tomorrow!), My Best Friend's Exorcism will be streaming on Amazon Prime. The trailer looks incredibly true to the spirit of the book—watch it below!

Watch the Trailer for My Best Friend's Exorcism!