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Is Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Actually Haunted?

That really is a ghost next to you. 


With its eerie atmosphere and spooky props, the Haunted Mansion is one of Disneyland’s most popular attractions.

It caters to visitors looking for a scare, but not TOO big of a scare. What parkgoers might not know, however, is that many believe the Haunted Mansion is actually haunted.

Since the first Haunted Mansion opened on August 9, 1969 in Anaheim, California’s Disneyland, multiple guests and employees have reported paranormal activity that cannot be explained by the park’s special effects. The ghost of a man who died in a nearby plane crash many years ago is often seen roaming around after the park shuts down for the night.

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Ghostly figures also appear in the Mansion’s “haunted mirrors.” While these mirrors are set up to produce the illusion of a ghost hovering beside you, some visitors report seeing specters that do not match up with the ride’s pre-programmed apparitions. Dad Logic relates a tale of a ghostly old man who materializes in the mirror at the end of the ride and then vanishes into thin air.

Most chilling of all are the numerous reports of a crying boy near the exit of the ride. As the story goes, a mother once sprinkled the ashes of her dead son inside the Haunted Mansion and his spirit has been trapped there ever since. When visitors attempt to help, the boy runs back into the ride and disappears from sight. Indeed, clandestine memorial services are not uncommon at the theme park. CNN reports that stealthy (and illegal) ash scatterings have occurred “all over Disneyland,” and that every year families contact the park asking for permission to dispose of their loved ones within the park grounds.

That’s enough to scare the mouse ears right off your head …



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