Multiple Women Have Disappeared in Ireland's Vanishing Triangle

    To date, eight women have vanished without a trace.

    In the 1990s, eight women mysteriously disappeared in an area of southeast Ireland now referred to as Ireland’s “Vanishing Triangle.” The women were all young, well-loved, and pretty. Many of the victims' loved ones believe that a serial killer may have been responsible.

    Today, the mystery of the Vanishing Triangle still haunts the families of the missing women, the police, and the nation of Ireland.

    The disappearances started with a woman who was not a native of Ireland. Annie McCarrick, a 26-year-old American from New York, vanished into thin air on March 26, 1993.

    When McCarrick failed to show up for a dinner party at her own apartment, her friends and family knew something was terribly wrong. McCarrick had been seen at a pub in Enniskerry, Ireland with an unidentified man on the 26th, then never again.

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    Her parents flew to Ireland from New York to help search for their daughter, but they returned to the U.S. after six months without any solid leads or information.

    The next woman to disappear was 39-year-old Eva Brennan. Brennan disappeared after she left a family gathering on a Sunday afternoon in July. As in the case of Annie McCarrick, no promising evidence or information turned up for Brennan’s family. She was simply gone. 

    ireland vanishing triangle
    Johnnie Fox's Pub was one of the last places Annie McCarrick was seen alive
    Photo Credit: Johnnie Foxs Pub / Facebook

    Over the next five years, until July 1998, six more families were devastated as six more women went missing in the Vanishing Triangle, some in broad daylight. The victims ranged in age from 17 to 25 years old, and all disappeared within an 80-mile stretch around Dublin that forms a geographical triangle. Police and citizens feared that a serial killer was on the loose, preying on unsuspecting young women who had their whole lives ahead of them.

    Police have considered a few suspects over the years. However, none of them have been viable suspects for all eight disappearances. A man named Larry Murphy is widely considered a likely suspect for at least the first three disappearances, if not all eight. He was known to be in the area at the time of the disappearances.

    Murphy was arrested for the rape and attempted murder of another woman in 2000, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his crimes. He served 10 years and was released in 2010. During this time, the disappearances stopped. Murphy was never charged in connection with the disappearances, despite being repeatedly interrogated while in prison.

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    The women who disappeared in the Vanishing Triangle have never been found. Their families continue to hope and pray that more information will lead to the capture of the person responsible, or, at the very least, to the locations of their loved ones.

    Only time will tell if Larry Murphy, or another suspect, will eventually be charged with the crimes. Until then, the troubling case of the eight missing women will continue to hang over Ireland. 

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