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6 Horror Movies to Watch Based on Your Favorite Female Singers 

Sing your movie praises. 

a black and white image from Black Sunday (1960) where a woman has only a ribcage for her torso
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  • Photo Credit: Galatea Film / Jolly Film

Taylor Swift mania has been hitting a fever pitch recently, and while her songs might not be overtly horror, there’s a certain haunting quality to her work that appeals to the gothic fan in me.

But she’s far from the only fabulous female singer out there who brings the kind of vibe that matches well with the horror genre.

So if you’re looking for a movie to check out this weekend, please use the handy guide below and choose the next film for your watchlist based on your favorite female singer.   

If you enjoy the beautiful tunes of Joni Mitchell…  

… then you should watch Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Joni Mitchell is the ultimate singer-songwriter, a confessional voice for the ages. Her albums Blue and Hejira will forever remain two of the musical touchstones of my own life.

And if you’re a fan of Joni Mitchell’s music, then allow me to recommend the perfect film to pair with her tunes: Picnic at Hanging Rock. Ethereal and lyrical and filled with longing, this 1975 Peter Weir film follows a group of schoolgirls who visits a strange rock formation on a fieldtrip, only for a few of the students and one of their teachers to disappear in broad daylight.

It’s a gorgeous film with an ambiance that feels like a haunting Joni Mitchell song come to life.  

If you like the witchy vibes of Stevie Nicks… 

… then you should watch Eye of the Devil 

At this point, Stevie Nicks truly needs no introduction. With bewitching hits like “Rhiannon,” “Dreams,” and the underrated “Sorcerer,” she brings a magical aura to everything she creates. Her aesthetic is instantly recognizable, and with a career that’s spanned six decades, she’s beyond an inspiration.

As for a film you should pair with Nicks’ witchy style, there isn’t a better choice than 1966’s Eye of the Devil. It’s basically an early black-and-white version of The Wicker Man, only weirder. Look for the wonderful Sharon Tate as the mysterious witch Odile who truly steals every scene she’s in.  

If you often find yourself brooding to the gothy tunes of Siouxsie Sioux… 

… then you should watch Black Sunday.

Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie and the Banshees is the ultimate in gothic cool. Her music is melodic, moody, and so much more. So if you’re looking for a film that would feel right at home in a Siouxsie song, then Mario Bava’s Black Sunday will most certainly do the trick.

A creepy black-and-white tale from 1960 that serves as a precursor to the giallo movement, the story follows a witch who is put to death in the 1600s, only to return centuries later to wreak havoc and revenge.

It’s a strange and brilliant film and a great one if you love your music and your movies to be gothy and grim.  

If you find yourself rocking out to Joan Jett… 

… then you should watch Phantom of the Paradise.

Joan Jett is the epitome of rock and roll cool. Needless to say, there’s truly nobody else like her. From her early stint in the groundbreaking all-girl rock band The Runaways to her long and storied career at the helm of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, she’s a queer icon for the ages.

And if you’re seeking an incomparable film to pair with her music, then look no further than Brian De Palma’s iconoclastic classic, Phantom of the Paradise. This one is in a category all its own, and it just happens to be about rock and roll too.

Blending elements of The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Phantom of the Opera, and the legend of Faust, this 1974 film needs to be seen to be believed.  

If you love the soaring tunes of Tina Turner… 

… then you should watch Cat People.

I absolutely adore Tina Turner. Her music has meant the world to me over the years. She was and will always be a legend, and I truly miss her every day. Tina Turner of course was an actress in her own right, so you could opt for Tommy or Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome anytime if you want to see her magnificent screen presence. 

But if you’re looking for a horror film (and really, who isn’t?), then you can’t go wrong with Cat People. Now at first blush, this might seem like a random choice, but if you’ll come with me down an internet rabbit hole, then you’ll learn that Tina Turner did an amazing cover of David Bowie’s title song from the 1982 film soundtrack during an episode of the television show Soundstage as well as during live performances for a number of years afterward.

So be sure to watch the movie and watch the performance; they’re both beyond amazing.     

If you’re a fan who adores the poetic musings of Taylor Swift… 

… then you should watch The Neon Demon.

And finally, the woman of the hour! These days, it feels like this is Taylor Swift’s world, and the rest of us are just living in it.

As for an ideal horror movie for the Taylor Swift fan in your life, The Neon Demon is a pitch perfect choice. It’s feisty, fashionable, and feminine, all qualities that Swift conveys with aplomb. Taylor also isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and neither is this film, infusing the fashion industry with cannibalism and plenty of body horror to spare.

I’m not entirely sure Taylor herself would like the film, but here’s to hoping she would enjoy a foray into the stylish darkness.