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6 Unsettling Horror Movies to Watch if You're a Cancer

Don't get crabby, these frightening films are waiting just for you.

Toni Collette in "Hereditary"
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June 21st to July 22nd is Cancer season. All hail the sign of the Crab!

Like the other water signs in the zodiac, Cancers are known for having heightened emotions. Cancers are very sympathetic creatures, which make them a great target audience for horror flicks.

Are you prepared to question every creak in your home? Want to pick apart the loyalties of those closest to you?

We know exactly what scares your type. Here are six horror movies for Cancers to stream tonight!

The Strangers

Cancers tend to be homebodies, preferring to stay within their familiar comforts. So what could be more terrifying to them than a home invasion movie?

Looking to spend some peaceful time alone together, a young couple—James Hoyt (Scott Speedman) and Kristen McKay (Liv Tyler)—travel to a secluded vacation home. Unfortunately for them, it's not the quiet stay in they were hoping for.

Three masked intruders break into the house, wreaking havoc and terror on the couple.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Cancers love family and sharing a meal with loved ones, no matter how depraved the vibes around the dinner table may be. And given Leatherface's very creative mask, I supposed you could make the argument that this film speaks to Cancer's love of art, as well…

When five friends head out to visit a grave in rural Texas, they come across what appears to be a deserted house. Unlucky for them, the residents are still very much inside.

As they are preyed upon by a ruthless family of cannibals, the sprawling landscape offers them no relief.


Continuing with the centerpiece of family, Hereditary touches on the struggles of grief, which speaks to Cancer's deeply emotional nature.

In the wake of unimaginable tragedy, a family begins to fall apart at the seams as they navigate their pain. Meanwhile, all around them disturbing events point to a shadow of evil in their lineage.

Fantasy Island

Since Cancer is a water sign, it seems obvious they would love a tranquil island setting. Mystery Island combines this watery paradise with Cancer's highly imaginative yet pessimistic viewpoint.

Several individuals are invited to a luxurious island resort with the promise that their deepest fantasies will come true. But the lure of a waking dream soon becomes a living nightmare as their desires are twisted into darkness.

Ready Or Not

Like their intense love of family, Cancers also strongly value loyalty. Eager to help a loved one in need, a Cancer will show up for them no matter the cost.

Ready Or Not sees a conflict of loyalty when Grace (Samara Weaving) marries into the Le Domas family. Her new husband must pick between his new wife and the rest of his family when a generational bargain means the Le Domas's must hunt and slaughter the newcomer.

Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body is here to add a little camp to the Cancer watch list. The less desirable qualities of this sign are their tendency toward manipulation and insecurity—two traits that the film's titular antagonist exemplifies.

When mean girl Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) becomes a succubus, she makes a meal out of her male classmates. Now her best friend Needy (Amanda Seyfried) must figure out how to stop her from terrorizing the town.