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The New Hereditary Trailer Is Here—and It Focuses on the Kid and Her Creepy Dolls

Prepare yourself for a deeply unsettling experience.

hereditary trailer two
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  • Photo Credit: PalmStar Media

Hereditary has been generating buzz since its Sundance premiere. And while it’s impossible to know how a Sundance smash will perform at an average theater, the first trailer for the movie sure made it seem promising. Now, with a second trailer out, we’re finding it hard to manage our excitement.

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The new clip, which hit the web on Tuesday, gives us a closer look at Charlie, the youngest member of the Graham family. Although she had some terrifying moments in the first trailer (including cutting off a dead bird’s head), Charlie was hardly the center of attention.

The newest trailer changes that, showing off the creepy sounds Charlie makes, the creepy influence she holds over others, and the profoundly creepy dolls she constructs. In an inspired act of guerrilla marketing, the people behind Hereditary even put together an Etsy shop for Charlie and her disturbing creations. Sadly, all of her dolls are currently sold out. 

The young actress playing Charlie, Milly Shapiro, has perfected the soulless stare that has made so many horror children utterly terrifying over the years. We can’t wait to see the ways she will spook us in Hereditary

Watch the latest trailer below. If you can make it through without covering your eyes, you’re made of some tough stuff. Hereditary arrives in theaters June 8, 2018.