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The Movie That Terrified Sundance Looks Beyond Horrifying

The trailer for "Hereditary" will leave you cowering.

hereditary trailer
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When Hereditary premiered at Sundance earlier this month, the reaction was immediate—critics called it the most horrifying movie they'd seen in years. We’ve been burnt before (ahem, It Comes At Night), so we remained cautious about the flick. But the trailer, released today, has us utterly terrified.

From creepy dolls and eerie children to severed bird heads and people on fire, Hereditary may indeed live up to the hype, conjuring a fresh and thoroughly disturbing horror. 

Hereditary follows the Graham family after the death of the grandmother. The family's relationship with grandma is strained to say the least—Annie (Toni Collette), the daughter of the recently deceased, refers to her dearly departed mother as “a difficult woman” at the funeral. If that isn’t a sign of some twisted family dynamics, what is?

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The death triggers a number of issues among the four remaining family members, including an increased obsession with miniature-making in Annie, violent outbursts from son Peter, and some incredibly morbid behavior from Annie’s daughter, Charlie. Every detail in this trailer is designed to unsettle, ratcheting up the terror in just two minutes.

According to those lucky enough to see Hereditary at Sundance, the trailer does a fantastic job at evoking the ominous mood of the film without giving away details and spoiling the viewing experience. So check out the trailer, below, and get ready to be scared within an inch of your life when Hereditary opens in theaters on June 8.

Featured still from 'Hereditary' via PalmStar Media