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7 Haunted Objects You Should Stay Far Away From

These haunted items have caused all kinds of havoc.

If you’ve been lurking in the paranormal corners of the internet long, you’ve likely come across a number of haunted homes and asylums. But places aren’t the only things that can be haunted. These haunted objects bring with them a wealth of misfortunes, creepy new spirits, and the utmost feeling of dread. Some of them are even supposedly cursed.

The items on this list are certainly ones you don’t want to let through your front door. Their backstories are dangerously gruesome, freaky, and all around just weird. Our recommendation? If you spot one of these haunted items for sale, it’s best not to try your luck. Stay away. 

1. The Tallman Bunk Beds

haunted objects
  • The bunk beds as featured in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

  • Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries

In the 1980s, Alan and Debbie Tallman bought a bunk beds for their two kids at a second-hand shop. From the first night they brought it home, it was very clear something was wrong with the bed. First, one of their sons who had rarely even gotten a cold fell horribly ill. The radio on the nightstand began turning on and off on its own, the youngest daughter claimed to see a witch standing over her on the bottom bunk, doors moved, lights turned on and off - and this is only a taste of the strange happenings. Soon, the family began hearing voices throughout the house. This carried on for nine months before they’d had enough. The Tallmans had the bunk beds destroyed, and the hauntings stopped. Apparently, it was that easy. 

2. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

haunted objects
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Mirrors have a long reputation of connecting worlds of the living and dead. The one sitting in the Myrtles Plantation is no different. The mirror, over 200 years old, has accrued a number of tales of paranormal activity during its time on the walls of the plantation.


According to popular legend, one of the plantation slaves named Chloe baked an oleander-laced cake that poisoned three members of the Woodruff family, owners of Myrtles at the time. Supposedly, Chloe, a young slave girl, had been favored by the plantation master and given easier tasks. Afraid that the master would become bored and put her back in fields, she devised a plan to make his wife and two daughters ill and then heal them back to health. Unfortunately, her plan didn’t work. Chloe was murdered by other slaves on the plantation after the Woodruff women died from the poison. Their spirits remain trapped in the mirror to this day. 

3. Annabelle the Demon Doll

haunted objects
  • Photo Credit: Picnations

According to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the story of Annabelle the Doll began when a student nurse was gifted a Raggedy Ann doll in 1970. The doll began acting strangely, seemingly coming to life and harming the student’s boyfriend. When they sought help, a medium informed the young woman that it was inhabited by the spirit of a dead girl named Annabelle Higgins. The medium tried to rid the doll of the spirit, but after all attempts failed, she called the Warrens. They removed the doll from the young woman’s possession, saying it was “demonically possessed”.


Annabelle's story has been spun into several horror films, making the doll a pop culture icon. Supposedly too dangerous to remain in the greater world, Annabelle now resides in a locked glass cupboard at the Warrens’ Occult Museum. 

4. The Killing Chair of Thomas Busby

haunted objects
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In June 1702, two men were killed - one bludgeoned to death and the other tarred, feathered, and hanged. The latter killed the former after they argued about the killer’s wife, who was also the victim’s father. After killing his father-in-law, Thomas Busby returned to his favorite chair at a quiet country inn nearby. Eventually, authorities tracked Busby down to the chair, which he refused to leave. Forced up, Busby was tried for his crime. He was found guilty and hanged at a nearby crossroads. Before he died, Busby cursed the chair - anyone who sits in his beloved seat will surely meet death. Some say the chair has claimed the lives of some 63 people, who after taking a seat, had untimely deaths. Others say it’s simply a matter of coincidence. 


5. Robert the Haunted Figurine

haunted objects
  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Legend says that Robert possesses supernatural abilities allowing him to move, change his facial expressions, and make giggling noises. The stories of Robert’s haunted origins vary. Some say its original owner Otto was given the doll by a young girl after he harmed her in some way. The doll, which she somehow charmed or cursed, has been plaguing the family for years. Other versions of the story say years of neglected treatment of poor Robert made room for a spirit to take ownership. Local folklore says Robert has caused car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce, among a wealth of other unfortunate events. A horror film, Curse of Robert the Doll, was released in 2006, and the creepy doll has been featured on both the Lore podcast and original series.

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6. Valentino's Cursed Ring

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  • Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This ring comes with a long series of misfortunes. In 1920, movie star Rudolph Valentino bought a plain silver ring embedded with semi-precious stones from a jewelry store in San Francisco. He immediately fell in love with the ring and ignored the store owner’s warnings that he believed it was haunted. Valentine wore the ring while filming a movie that was a complete failure. After putting away the ring for many years, Valentino took it out for what would be his final movie. He died shortly after, still wearing the ring. 

It was then passed along to Pola Negri, one of Valentino’s former lovers, who suffered a severe illness, but recovered. However, her career after this illness was over. She passed the ring on to young singer Russ Colombo, who died in a shooting accident. Next, Colombo’s friend Joe Casino wore the ring and died in a car accident one week later. James Willis attempted to steal the ring, but was caught by police and shot... we’re going to stop here, but the list goes on. At least 3 more people who owned the ring died while it was in their possession. This is one unlucky piece of property you don’t want to be caught wearing. 

7. "The Anguished Man"

haunted objects
  • Photo Credit: MrModNation / YouTube

This is it: the world’s most haunted painting. The artist who created this work of art was a deeply disturbed individual. He mixed his blood with oil paints to create the piece before committing suicide. Are you at all surprised that this piece is haunted?

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Sean Robinson received the painting from his grandmother who claimed a spirit lived within it. Since Sean didn’t believe in the paranormal, he brushed off the claims. Then, after hanging the painting in his home, his wife began seeing dark figures lurking around the home. Strange noises came from the painting like scratching and what sounded like a man crying. Sean’s former opinion of the paranormal shifted, and he posted YouTube videos of the paranormal activity The Anguished Man was exhibiting.

Featured Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Other photos: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, Wikimedia Commons, Picnations, MrModnation / Youtube

Published on 10 Jun 2016

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