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WATCH: The Intense, New Halloween Trailer Reunites Michael Myers with Laurie Strode

Michael's back—and so is Laurie Strode.

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  • Photo Credit: Blumhouse Productions

In September 2017, Jamie Lee Curtis announced that she would return to Haddonfield, Illinois as Laurie Strode for a showdown with everyone's favorite madman in a mask, Michael Myers. Ever since, we’ve been on tenterhooks—will Curtis’s return also mark a return to the terror of the original Halloween?

Speculation has been ripe. Optimists point to the involvement of Blumhouse Productions and John Carpenter, who not only serves as the film's executive producer and creative consultant but also composed its score. Carptenter also expressed approval of the twisted vision laid out by scriptwriters Danny McBride and David Gordon Green (who doubled as the film's director). Add it up, and the new Halloween just might be the dread-soaked nightmare we’re  hoping for. Other fans remain skeptical, as horror movie reheats rarely spell success, even if they do spell cash at the box office. 

Today, however, marks the release of the first trailer for 2018's Halloween. After watching it, we’re starting to side with the optimists.

This Halloween is a direct sequel to the original 1978 Halloween, disregarding all sequels and reboots made in the interim four decades. Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle are back to reprise their roles as Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, respectively. 

The trailer opens at a maximum security mental institution, where two individuals intend to meet Michael Myers. The checkerboard floor and tethered inmates conjure a sense of unease, as does the increasingly anxious security dog. Turns out, the pair brought something with them on their visit: a white and weathered Halloween mask. 

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Needless to say, Michael Myers soon escapes the institution, dons his mask, and sets out on another rampage. But Laurie Strode is waiting for him back in Haddonfield—in fact, she's been preparing for this showdown ever since she survived Michael's first Halloween night killing spree decades ago.  

Get a glimpse of the terror above, and be sure to stick around for the trailer's final jump scare. What do you think: Will Halloween deliver the chills this fall?

Halloween is set to hit theaters on October 19, 2018.

 Feature still from "Halloween" via Blumhouse Productions