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New App "Gruesome Gotham" Transports You to the Scene of Six Historic Manhattan Murders 

It's like Pokémon Go for true crime obsessives.

Augmented reality apps are the trend of the moment. From Pokémon Go and Ingress to Google Translate’s new AR feature Word Lens, the technology is everywhere you look. But there was never a creepy, murder-filled app that brought joy to our dark hearts—until now.

Gruesome Gotham combines the treasure hunt-style excitement of Pokémon Go with New York City’s murderous past. After downloading the free app, users view a map marked with six different murder scenes from 19th century Manhattan.

Approach the scene of a crime, and Gruesome Gotham brings the murder to life. Animated figures reenact the bloodletting on your smartphone's screen, while a spooky voiceover narrates the grisly details of the killing. You can explore the animated murder from any angle, as moving with your smartphone offers different views of the crime.

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Among the murders on view in Gruesome Gotham is the 1895 throat-slashing of Domenico Cataldo in present-day Tribeca, and the 1856 slaying of Bartholomew Burke, who was bludgeoned to death in Little Italy. And don’t worry if you’re not in NYC—Gruesome Gotham also lets you explore the crimes from a distance by reading about the details of each case. 

Get your gore on and download Gruesome Gotham from the App Store for a terrifyingly good time.

Published on 03 Nov 2017

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