woman in black bolling hall

The Woman in Black was a famous West End play in London for years. Then it was a famous movie with Daniel Radcliffe. Now, a real woman in black has been seen at the 14th century Bolling Hall, Bradford, which is considered one of the most haunted buildings in West Yorkshire in England.

A member of a ghost hunting team working on the property spotted a ghostly apparition of an ‘old maid’ in an apron and one woman grabbed her camera. Of the three pictures of the empty stairwell that she took, one seemed to show something. A ghostly figure of a woman. Experts say it seems very real.

Bolling Hall was a stronghold during the English Civil War for the Royalist cause in and legend has it a ghost appeared to one of the commanders to tell him to ‘pity poor Bradford’.

Take a look at the photos here and decide if you think this is real.

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Featured photo: Wikimedia Commons

Published on 4 Jan 2017