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Top 10 Fake Horror Movie Scores

Unique story-based scores fit for the most terrifying films that don't exist.

fake horror movie scores
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  • Photo Credit: "Witchcraft Murders" by The Heartwood Institute

Antoni Maiovvi—Before & After The Bomb (Bandcamp, 2020)

before & after the bomb

Black Mountain Transmitter—The Crypt of Blood: A Halloween TV Special (Lysergic Earwax, 2020)

the crypt of blood

Bryce Miller—City Depths (Spun Out of Control, 2016)

city depths

Carpenter Brut—Leather Teeth (No Quarter, 2018)

leather teeth

The Heartwood Institute—Witchcraft Murders (Library of the Occult, 2021)

witchcraft murders

Repeated Viewing—The Beach House (Lunaris Records, 2019)

the beach house

Slasher Dave—The Horrors of Hell House (Bellyache Records, 2020)

the horrors of hellhouse

Slasher Film Festival Strategy—Crimson Throne (Foreign Sounds, 2013)

crimson throne

Sospetto—Segni Misteriosi, Con Il Sangue Dipinto Sul Muro (Cineploit, 2012)


Terrortron—Necrophiliac Among the Living Dead (Bandcamp, 2016)

necrophiliac among the living dead