Introducing Our Creepy Shop!

    We have horrifiyingly good news...

    Good news, horror fiends: The doors to our Creepy Shop are officially open! Now you can get your hands on coveted items from prior Creepy Crates. But you'll need to act fast. Quantities of these ghoulish goods are limited—once they’re gone, they’re gone. 

    On the hunt for a gift for your creepiest friend? Dying to score some creepy swag for yourself? Check out our killer goods below!

    And if you'd like to get a mysterious box delivered to your door every other month, sign up for Creepy Crate now.

    "All My Friends Are Creepy" T-Shirt

    We're big fans of Gianluca Sordi's creepy photographs, and we used his  snap of black-eyed children as the inspiration behind this short-sleeve tee. - $20

    Turn-of-the-century Spirit Photograph Postcards + Femur Bone Pen

    We transformed four of William Hope's most haunting spirit photographs into postcards—perfect for sending to your nearest and dearest from beyond the grave. Jot down your thoughts with this ghoulish pen. - $12

    Bates Motel Keychain + Psycho Tote Bag

    We all go a little mad sometimes, whether we're checking into the Bates Motel with this old-school keychain—or checking out chilling books from the library and carrying them home in this Psycho-inspired tote. - $15

    "Have a Killer Day" Travel Mug + Coffee Shop of Horrors Coffee Sample 

    John Wayne Gacy's prison paintings are pure nightmare fuel. This Creepy Crate-exclusive travel mug is inspired by Gacy's piece "Goodbye Pogo." Then brew this horror-themed, 2-ounce bag of freshly roasted beans and sip from your new mug! - $19

    Notorious Serial Killers Card Game

    Nothing gets us going like a bone-chilling serial killer case ... and competitive card games. This trump card game features some of the most  notorious murderers throughout history. Each card breaks down the crimes of a particular killer, ranking him or her by degree of gruesomeness. This deck comes from Germany, from the wonderful mind of Michael Miess of Kulturmeister. - $13

    Night of the Living Dead Coloring Book 

    Toast the twisted genius of filmmaker George Romero by coloring in scenes from his zombie classic, written and illustrated by Jordan R. Colton. - $12.95

    "Female Killers Throughout History" Button Collection + Evidence of Love Ebook

    Turn your favorite jacket into a morbid work of art with these series of four pin-back buttons, featuring (clockwise from top right) Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Kate Webster, and Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Then dive into a sensational true crime book that tells the story of two desperate housewives and the killing that shocked a Texas community. - $14

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