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Unboxing Creepy Crate #9: One-of-a-Kind Collector's Items

For horror fanatics just like you.

creepy crate

We know you can never get enough terror. That's why we packed our upcoming Creepy Crate with collector's items for horror fanatics just like you. 

To toast our killer haul and the dying days of summer, we're offering a discount just for our readers: Use promo code 'SUMMER5' at checkout to knock $5 off your crate.

Scroll down to find out every item that lurks within. Like what you see? Act quick, horror fiend—time is running out! 

Order Creepy Crate #9 by September 9, and use 'SUMMER5' to knock $5 off your order. 

What's inside:

creepy crate

1. A physical copy of The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen - Retail Price: $24.99

Buying your first home is always scary. When it comes with an inexplicable glowing mass in the basement, it's straight-up terrifying. Deneen's new haunted house horror novel will leave your skin crawling. Read more about it on Amazon

2. Bloody Shower Curtain - Retail Price: $9.50

You won't be able to resist recreating the famous shower scene from Psycho when you hang this blood-spattered curtain in your bathroom. Creepy Crate tip: Only role play with a person you trust—with your life.

3. "It Rubs the Lotion on Its Skin" Travel Candle - Retail Price: $10

The twisted minds at Calliope Candleworks designed an exclusive, travel-sized version of their lotion-scented soy-wax candle, inspired by The Silence of the Lambs. That's the full-sized version above. Light its wick, dim the lights, and you just may hear the lambs screaming.

4. Red Balloon Drawstring Backpack - Retail Price: $14.99

This IT-inspired, Creepy Crate-original backpack seems to float—no matter how many items you have stuffed inside it.

5. Hockey Mask PopUp Socket - Retail Price: $10

Mini Jason Voorhees will scare away would-be phone thieves with this limited-edition popup socket.

6. Killing Season by Carlton Smith ebook download - Retail Price: $10.99

New York Times–bestselling journalist traces a string of unsolved murders—and the botched investigation that let the New Bedford Highway Killer walk away.

Declare your love for all things dark and twisted. Order Creepy Crate #9 by September 9, and use 'SUMMER5' to knock $5 off your oder!