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These Compelling True Mysteries Have Kept Us Guessing for Years

The April/May Creepy Crate celebrates cold cases and unexplained mysteries from around the world.

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  • WD Store / Flickr (CC)

Ever laid awake pondering just what happened in a cold case? Lost hours down a Reddit wormhole? Still wondering just what happened after D.B. Cooper launched himself out of that plane? The April/May Creepy Crate is made just for you.

We’ve packed this Crate full of goodies that will generate discussions about enigmas that continue to puzzle—whether they’re cold cases, paranormal occurrences, or the simply unexplainable. In addition to the items that will generate conversation for years to come, each Crate this month will come with two brand new reads for our subscribers!

Each Creepy Crate recipient will receive a physical copy of either Unmasked, a true crime memoir from legendary detective Paul Holes, or a chilling psychological thriller, The New Neighbor, by USA Today bestselling author, Carter Wilson. You’ll also get an immediate download of The Shadow of Death, the true tale of the unsolved case of the Connecticut River Valley serial killer.

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With over $90 worth of mysterious, chilling, and thought-provoking goodies packed in, the next Creepy Crate is one for the ages. Join the internet’s creepiest community now for just $39.99 with free shipping—plus, for a limited time, new subscribers receive a free t-shirt when they join Creepy Crate! Subscribe by April 10 to guarantee your Crate of mysteries and secrets.

Featured image: WD Store / Flickr (CC)