The Reaper's Sharing His Deadliest Gift Ever....

Will you roll the dice on this month’s Creepy Crate?

creepy crate #18 preview
  • Photo Credit: Cristian Grecu / Unsplash

Want to know more about what’s inside? We’ve conjured up a Stephen King-inspired t-shirt, a memo book emblazoned with one of true crime’s most infamous mystery messages, a creepy pin destined for your jean jacket or tote bag, a set of dice that will have you gambling with death itself, and much more. Scroll down for a full look at the contents of the February/March Crate.

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Creepy Crate 18 contents: Zodiac memo book, I <3 Derry t-shirt, skull dice, bat pins, Voices in the Snow by Darcy Coates, Sleep, My Child, Forever, by John Coston

Featured photo: Cristian Grecu / Unsplash 

Published on 21 Jan 2020