The Next Creepy Crate Will Leave You at Death's Door

Meet your new, gleefully unhinged companions in Creepy Crate #12.

Creepy Crate #12

This month, there’s a special surprise–all subscribers will receive a physical copy of either The Bone Keeper by Luca Veste, a chilling crime fiction novel that explores what happens when our childhood superstitions become entwined with real-life murder, or one of Harold Schechter’s beloved true crime investigations. 

Think we’re done? Think again. Death Becomes Us is also offering a pair of tickets to their festival to one lucky winner! Use code DEATH when you sign up for your chance to win two tickets to the festival, which begins on March 20 at NYC’s Gramercy Theater.

Creepy Crate 12

Whether you can be at the festival or not, this Creepy Crate will keep you safe at night, either tucked up with a chilling new true crime book or dissecting the latest case with your fellow true crime obsessives. You can hold us responsible for any chills running down your spine along the way...

This fear-inducing crate, valued at over $95, can be yours for just $39.99. Subscribe by February 10 to get your hands on our eeriest box yet–and don’t forget to use promo code DEATH for your chance to win tickets to Death Becomes Us!

Published on 28 Jan 2019