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Cargo is the Most Heart-Wrenching Horror Movie Haunting Netflix Right Now

This Australian zombie horror breathes new life into a shambling genre.

cargo on netflix
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Horror movies go hand in hand with high stakes, and there's just some things in life you don't even want to begin to imagine yourself losing. Sometimes amongst all the psychological terrors, skin-crawling effects, and heart-pounding jump scares, you get a movie that does more than just scare you—it breaks your heart in two. Cargo is far more than just terrifying zombie horror, it's a film with a compelling and dramatic story at the heart of it all. So turn off the lights and grab the tissues, because this horror masterpiece is waiting for you now on Netflix.

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Released in 2017, this movie follows Martin Freeman in the starring role of Andy Rose. The world has fallen to a devastating pandemic that turns those infected rabid within 48 hours. Andy, his wife Kay (Susie Porter), and their infant daughter, Rosie, have been struggling to survive in what's left of Australia, but their family shatters when Kay is infected. Before Kay succumbs to the wound, her feral brain causes her to bite Andy, sending the clock ticking.

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He only has two days until his mind is no longer his own. Two days to find some way to survive, or else find someone who can keep his daughter safe after he's gone. In the dangers of the vast Australian outback, Andy meets Thoomi (Simone Landers), an Aboriginal girl who believes a shaman in the mountains can restore the soul back to those who have been bitten. Mustering all his hope and will as a father, Andy sets out with Rosie and Thoomi to do whatever he can to keep the girls safe.

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This film has been largely praised for its emotional depth, in particular in regard to Freeman's complex performance. While many other zombie flicks are pushed forward by plot and action, this film stands out for its heavily character-driven approach. It stands out further within an oversaturated genre for it's unique and detailed setting, adding new obstacles and challenges to a story audiences have seen backwards and forwards.

Check out the Cargo teaser below. Then stream it exclusively on Netflix.