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WATCH: Trailer for Netflix's New Norwegian Horror Movie Cadaver Invites You Into a Masked, Nightmarish World

The just-released clip sets the stage for an unsettling experience.

cadaver trailer
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A apocalyptic wasteland, a creepy hotel, and a family outing gone horribly wrong. While all common hallmarks of horror movies, these elements are uniquely—and disturbingly—brought together in the new Norwegian horror movie Cadaver.

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Cadaver centers on a family living in the wake of a recent nuclear disaster. Leonora, Jacob, and their daughter Alice are struggling to survive in what remains of civilization. Then, one day, they receive an invitation to a mysterious play hosted at a a local hotel. The organizers of the play hope to boost the spirits of those affected by the disaster. With a warm meal and an evening of entertainment, the night promises a respite from the family’s harsh reality.

But when the family arrives, they realize the production is far more elaborate than they expected. They're told that the play unfolds throughout the entire hotel, and, in a Sleep No More-style twist, are given masks to set themselves apart from the actors. But just where does the show end and real life begin? And what's really happening in the shadowy corridors of the hotel?

The eerie trailer opens with bleak and dreary scenes of life in the wake of the nuclear disaster. An ominous narration pondering questions like “what makes us human in times like these?” hangs in the background. Finally reaching the conclusion that "people need to feel," the trailer switches to scenes of an opulent hotel. While the hotel first feels inviting and grand, it slowly begins to feel ominous. Then, it becomes clear that something is terribly wrong, as frantic and disturbing scenes rush past. 

Directed by Jarand Herdal, and starring Gitte Witt (Leonora), Thomas Gullestad (Jacob), Tuva Olivia Remman (Alice), and Thorbjørn Harr (Mathias), Cadaver will have you on the edge of your seat. It's set to hit Netflix on October 22nd. Until then, enjoy the trailer below—and sleep tight.  

Cadaver is slated to hit Netflix on October 22nd. 

Featured still from "Cadaver" via Netflix