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Watch the Terrifying Trailer for Netflix's Upcoming Horror Movie Bird Box, Starring Sandra Bullock

Something is out there… We dare you to look.

bird box trailer
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Earlier this year, moviegoers were spooked into silence by A Quiet Place, a horror flick where making a sound signaled certain doom. Now Netflix is delivering a horror movie it hopes will leave viewers afraid to open their eyes.

The trailer for Bird Box just dropped, and it looks like one tense and terrifying ride. Based on Josh Malerman's smash horror novel Bird Box, the upcoming adaptation stars Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Trevante Rhodes, and John Malkovich and is directed by Academy Award winning director Susanne Bier.

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The premise is frighteningly simple. Humanity is brought to its knees by an unseen horror; something is out there and merely laying your eyes upon it throws you into an uncontrollable state of violence. Malorie (Sandra Bullock) is pregnant when the nightmare takes hold, and five years later she must protect her twin son and daughter from the dangerous reality that now surrounds them. When tragedy strikes, Malorie must take her children on a two-day journey down a treacherous river. The catch? They’ll have to venture down the river wearing blindfolds. What could go wrong? 

The trailer begins with a blindfolded Malorie stumbling through the woods and calling out for her children. It then flashes back to an earlier time—Malerman's novel also employs flashback and takes place during different time periods—with a pregnant Malorie receiving an ultrasound while discussing her pregnancy with a doctor and her sister Shannon (played by Sarah Paulson). But something is wrong, terribly wrong: As Malorie leaves the hospital she encounters a woman in the corridor, repeatedly smashing her head against a thick glass window.  

Needless to say, things do not get better. 

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Combining the post-apocalyptic devastation of The Road with the dread-soaked, they're-everywhere terror of your favorite zombie flick, Bird Box aims to deliver every type of scare. The entity, though not seen in the trailer, is described as being a culmination of one's worst fears. So go ahead and take a look. We dare you. But no shame if you shut your eyes before it's over. 

Bird Box is set for release on Netflix and in select theaters on December 21, 2018. 

Featured still from 'Bird Box' via Netflix