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5 Horror Subscription Boxes That Keep the Chills Coming

What's inside the box?

horror subscription boxes
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  • Photo Credit: Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

Ever since Horror Block ceased production, horror fans have been wondering where to get their dose of terror delivered straight to their door. The Lineup is here to help those in need with five of the best horror subscription box services on the market today.


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Know someone who can literally never get enough horror movies? HorrorPack is the perfect subscription box for your beloved horror fan. With four new Blu-rays or DVDS (your choice!) each month, there’s sure to be something–or many somethings–that will catch your fancy. And since HorrorPack chooses titles that aren’t streaming, you won’t be disappointed by receiving a title you already watched five times. HorrorPack starts at $24.99 a month for four Blu-rays and $19.99 a month for DVDs.

Hunt a Killer

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If your taste in horror runs towards true crime, you should definitely check out Hunt a Killer. This immersive murder mystery experience is best for those with a taste for the twisted. No Miss Marples here, please. When you sign up for Hunt a Killer, you’ll receive monthly dispatches that will slowly help you identify the psychotic killer. Do you have what it takes to take him down? For $30 a month plus shipping, you can find out.

Creepy Crate

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Full disclosure: Yes, we make Creepy Crate. But we don’t think we’re being biased when we rank Creepy Crate among the best horror boxes available for your pleasure–or terror. Filled with goodies you can use (and horrify your friends with), signing up for Creepy Crate ensures that your next trip to the mailbox will be a bit spookier. You can get your bi-monthly Creepy Crate for $29.99, plus flat-rate shipping. First time subscriber? Get $5 off your first box with code BOXED5.

Rue Morgue Coffin Box

horror subscription box

This recent addition to the horror subscription box scene is the result of a partnership between HorrorPack and Rue Morgue, one of the world’s largest horror magazines. With the latest edition of Rue Morgue, a Blu-ray from HorrorPack and three horror collectibles in each box, you’ll find an eerie good time at your doorstep every other month. Your bi-monthly subscription will run you $19.99 per box, with an additional $8.99 for US shipping and $14.99 for Canadian subscribers.

Spooky Box Club

horror subscription box

Alright, if you live in the United States, the shipping might make this box a bit out of reach. But if you happen to live in the UK, or you’re willing to drop $50 a month on this box, you’re in luck. Spooky Box Club is perfect for those of us who want to display our affinity for the dark side with luxurious goods like bath bombs, pins, treats, and nail art.

Featured photo:  Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash