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Podcasts for Horror Book Fiends Craving Their Next Chilling Read

Warning: these podcasts may induce an insatiable hunger for horror.

best horror book podcasts

If you love horror books, chances are you are always hungry for your next bloody victim—errr, book. Bloody book. You've scoured GoodReads reviews, tumbled down #HorrorBookTok rabbit holes, and followed all your favorite horror #bookstagram accounts.

Still, your hunger for horror is insatiable. 

Podcasts are excellent ways to supplement your horror cravings. They'll take you deep into the minds of horror authors in long-form interviews, giving you glimpses into the processes of your favorite writers and introducing you to new-to-you authors.

If you're looking to add more spine-chilling podcasts to your playlist, we've got you covered.  Dive into our handpicked list, where horror tales come alive and creators share their darkest inspirations.

Talking Scared 

Started in 2020, this weekly podcast hosted by the incomparable Neil McRobert, unveils the mystique surrounding the most acclaimed names in horror literature. Ever pondered the birthplace of your cherished horror tales? Or the phobias and passions that ignite the minds of those who pen them? This podcast unravels the stories behind those tales, exploring the life experiences, inspirations, and perhaps even the nightmares of authors, screenwriters, and various creatives who stock our spectral shelves.

Boasting over 150 episodes, listeners have been treated to intriguing insights and tales from figures like Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, Stephen Graham Jones, Paul Tremblay, and countless others.

Books in The Freezer 

Borrowing a whimsical reference from the iconic Friends sitcom, Books in The Freezer is a journey into the spine-tingling realm of horror fiction. Guided by the passionate Stephanie Gagnon, this podcast stands as a bi-weekly homage (and sometimes more frequently!) to those captivating tales that might just compel readers to tuck them away in the cold safety of a freezer.

With its enticing tagline, "Dive into the deliciously disturbing world of horror fiction," Books in the Freezer ensures listeners receive their regular dose of dread. Boasting over 150 episodes, the show dives beyond mere storytelling to explore the intricate minds behind the narratives. Distinguished guests like Riley Sager, Grady Hendrix, Rachel Harrison, and Chad Lutzke have offered their insights, shedding light on their artistry and the broader landscape of horror fiction.

The Losers’ Club 

The Losers’ Club stands as a distinctive tribute to the literary maestro, Stephen King. This award-winning, weekly podcast invites not just seasoned Stephen King connoisseurs and horror buffs, but also newcomers to journey through the vast expanse of King’s creations, from his written tales to their subsequent TV and film renditions.

In every episode, a dedicated group lovingly calling themselves 'Losers'—echoing the beloved protagonists from King’s iconic novel, It—dives deep into the layers and intricacies of King’s narratives. The podcast also features a range of distinguished guests who have uniquely crossed paths with King's universe, from the likes of Mike Flanagan and Wil Wheaton to the master storyteller, Stephen King himself.

The Dark Word

Philip Fracassi, celebrated for weaving tales that are as emotionally charged as they are eerie, holds a special place in the horror lit world. And with his podcast The Dark Word, he’s generously lending his insights to both budding writers and avid readers.

Launched in 2022, this podcast doesn't merely skim the surface; it dives deep into the intricate mechanics of the writing industry, offering both fledgling and seasoned writers invaluable insights. With each episode, Philip sheds light on everything from the initial spark of creativity to the triumphs and challenges leading up to publication. Literary powerhouses like Laird Barron, Alma Katsu, and S.A. Cosby have all graced the show, offering their own unique perspectives on the world of writing. 


Under the witty and engaging helm of noted horror author, screenwriter, and publisher Max Booth III, Ghoulish takes listeners on a rollicking journey through the eerie and the absurd. Spanning nearly 200 episodes, the podcast is a testament to Max's distinctive style, blending humor and horror in equal measure. The show perfectly captures that delightful middle ground where laughter meets the macabre.

Bleeding Page

Bleeding Page offers listeners an insightful bi-weekly dive into the complex world of self-publishing and the craft of writing. Co-hosted by prolific authors Chad Lutzke and Jason Brant since 2022, this podcast effortlessly merges in-depth professional insights with genuine, candid discussions. It's an authentic glimpse into the challenges and triumphs faced by contemporary writers. Featuring distinguished guests like Kealan Patrick Burke, Josh Malerman, and Joe Lansdale, the conversations range from the artistry behind compelling book covers to the intricate maze of film production. 

Criminal Types 

For those with a knack for unraveling crime fiction's deepest mysteries, Criminal Types is your next obsession. Guided by the ever-passionate Abby Endler—yes, the genius behind the massively popular Instagram account, Crime by the Book—this podcast is a haven for crime story aficionados.

Kicked off earlier this year in May, the podcast dives into the mesmerizing details that shape our beloved crime tales. Join Abby as she chats with crime literature giants like John Grisham, Jo Nesbø, and Lisa Gardner. 

The ARC Party

The ARC Party, hosted by Robb Olson, offers listeners a chance to hear directly from authors about their soon-to-be-released works. The goal is simple: highlight upcoming book releases and foster a culture where readers actively engage, whether by pre-ordering or discussing anticipated titles with their local librarians.

Despite launching just earlier this year, the podcast has already seen a range of esteemed guests. Names like Stephen Graham Jones, Josh Malerman, and Cassandra Khaw have shared insights on their work, making this a valuable stop for those keen on the pulse of the literary scene.

This is Horror 

There's something undeniably special about This is Horror podcast. Hosted by Michael David Wilson and Bob Pastorella, it's not just any weekly show. It’s a treasure trove for readers, writers, and every kind of creator with a penchant for the horror genre.

With a whopping 500 episodes under its belt, it's arguably the reigning champ of horror podcasts. They haven't just scratched the surface—they've delved deep, chatting with a stellar lineup of guests from Chuck Palahniuk to Joe Hill and Dean Koontz. But it's not just the big names that make this podcast a gem—it's the approach. These interviews aren't just fleeting exchanges; they are comprehensive, deep dives into the world of horror. It's polished, insightful, and must-listen for anyone keen to understand the heartbeat of the horror genre.