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Darren Marlar

Darren Marlar lived in the Kansas City area for the majority of his childhood and teen years, and calls Olathe, Kansas his hometown. From elementary school onward he found himself entertaining people in some way or another. Acting on stage, singing in a variety of choral groups, being the front-man for rock bands, or as a soloist for competition and in churches, getting involved in community theater, and eventually discovering radio in 1990, in which he has worked full-time up to today.

In 1995, Darren married his bride, Robin, and they are still very happily married.

In 2004 Darren moved to the Rockford, Illinois area (northwest suburb of Chicago) and along with radio and acting in television and film, he also stepped into stand-up comedy (which he has since retired from).

Along with radio and acting, Darren Marlar is well-known as a professional full-time voice over artist.  He has provided quality audio recordings and voice work to clients around the world. If his voice sounds familiar, it is due to having voiced thousands of radio commercials, TV spots, movie trailers, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, corporate presentations, phone prompts, audio theater projects, video games, and more!  Along with the awards he has received for the Weird Darkness podcast, Darren Marlar was also awarded the "Excellence in Broadcasting Award" in 2014 by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters for his commercial voice over work — and he is still in demand by his clients and creative entrepreneurs.

Despite being the host of a creepy and macabre podcast, Darren Marlar is actually an outspoken born-again Christian who shares his faith not only in the Weird Darkness podcast when it's appropriate, but also in a separate podcast where he puts on the reverend robes at Church of the Undead.  Every Sunday "Pastor" Darren brings his flock encouraging, inspirational, or educational messages about what the Bible says, how to live a Christian life in such a dark world, and more... along with a few shorter nuggets throughout the week as he finds time.

Of course, today Darren Marlar is most recognizable as the host of Weird Darkness.